By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Bursting forth, busting out, beautifully engaged and reaching for the ever-increasing "more" calling within.
Grabbing ahold of life with zealous appeal,
Urgently aligning,
Attaching the soul to a sustainable,
Supernatural grace.
And once adorned with it ...
Thus changed.
For always, for good, for better, for worse,
The God of my father prevails.
Imploring for more,
Through certain request,
With Achsah ...
The springs of water.
Fully alive,
Drinking the deep,
The courage of Caleb ...
His daughter.
Achsah - Bursting the veil. Adorned.
"And Othniel the son of Kenaz, Caleb's younger brother, took it and and he gave him Achsah, his daughter to wife. And it came to pass when she came to him, that she moved him to ask of her father a field; and she lighted from off her donkey, and Caleb said unto her, What wilt thou? And she said unto him,
Give me a blessing; for thou hast given me a south land. Give me also springs of water. And Caleb gave her the upper springs and the nether springs."
Judges 1:13-15
Give me also ...