By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

We're all familiar with butt dials;
where we receive an unintended call from a caller who never intended to call, but only by accident.
Yesterday, such a call was mine.
After saying, "Hello, hello, hellllllooooo," several times and giving my friend a moment to respond, I couldn't help but listen in on a man speaking in the background.
He wasn't just any man ...
He was Ravi Zacharias, a well-known, excellent preacher.
Curiously, mysteriously, and beautifully, Ravi spoke a whole message to me in the "unintended" phone call.
I stayed on the line because I knew it was for me, and I found myself the unexpected recipient of timely encouragement and wisdom.
God be praised for His secret goodnesses and His tender mercies in a butt dial.
Hmmm ...
God works in mysterious ways in our lives, my friend.
With all resources available to Him 24/7, He chooses what He uses for our growth and His glory, depositing us in the path of His intended mission and message to us.
Day after day, God speaks to us ... and from more than His word when we're listening.
Day after day we develop a heightened sense, or lack of sensitivity, to His voice.
Day after day we have the opportunity to experience the breath of the Father, the hand of His Christ, the wisdom of His Spirit intersecting and meeting us.
In all the ordinary places and in all the ordinary ways, God intends to meet up with us and accompany us on our journey home.
It's such a curious wonder ...
His desire to be with us.
"Listen" to the landscape God has placed you on. Pay attention to your surroundings and allow your senses to participate in experiencing more of Jesus.
Listen to ...
 Leaky faucets, customer service reps, unintended phone calls, crying babies, crabby spouses, happy children, hurting friends, health, creation, recreation, vocation ... all of these things serve as a "background" to the Father's voice and provoke a response from us in return.
How will we respond when we hear Jesus?
How in tune are our ears to hearing His voice?
Pay attention to the butt dials in your life;
there may be a very intended message for "you" in them.