By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

There are many things in life we cannot change,
But our attitude isn't one of them.
This wondrous reality, dear Reader, prompts a creative attempt to translate the negatives into positives through the application of practical activity.
Let's mentally circle the three negatives we're most struggling with today, and transfer our negative energy into a positive "counter" activity.
The goal is to apply a concrete physical activity in the stead of the negative, whereby God is glorified and the human nature mollified in the process.
Grab ahold of my hand and let's begin to make some alphabetical transfers.
Let's transfer ...
-Anger into Achievement (specific and prompt.)
-Bitterness into Betterment.
-Criticism into Compassion.
-Distress into Discipline.
-Embarrassment into Empathy.
-Fear into Forgiving.
-Griping into Giving.
-Hatred into Healing.
-Ignorance into Intelligence.
-Judgment into Jentleness (For just this once we'll replace the "G" with a "J" and overlook the intentional misspelling on account of it being such a beautiful and precise opposite.)
-Killing into Kindness.
-Lying into Learning.
-Marginal behavior into Meaningful.
-Negativity into Nicety.
-Ornery into Optimism.
-Pessimistic into Pro-Active.
-Quibbling into Quiet.
  -Resistant into Resourceful.
-Self-righteous into Softened.
-Torment into Truth.
-Undermining into Understanding.
-Vulgarity into Vulnerability.
-Wickedness into Wisdom.
-eXaustion into eXalting.
-Yapping into Yearning.
-Zeros into Zillions. (Take what looks like nothing and turn it into something.)
One of my "circlings" is Anger which is composed of much energy.
I replace Anger with Achievement by directing my energy into a positive, meaningful activity. The activity I've chosen is a hike up Black Elk in support of Special Olympics whereby I will work to raise money for this charity.
Harney was rightfully renamed "Black Elk" on account of the horrific and brutal murderers "General Harney" committed in the slaying of women and children.
There's something very empowering to me, dear Reader, about taking a bad and hurtful place and translating it into a healing and life-giving place.
Black Elk is perfect for me and speaks personally to me on a lot of different levels.
Mmmm ...
*For more information on the hike, visit the CONTACT page and view the content beneath the photo.
 Now it's your turn.
Circle three.
Live Intentionally.