By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Without effort and without trying ... we find we are each curiously good at something special.
The more natural the thing happens to be, the less likely we are able to recognize it in ourselves as anything significant or special. Our adeptness and comfort in doing certain things well, over time, tends to get overlooked because it's like breathing ... a natural part of life.
But the thing we do well might just turn to gold. We never can tell.
Coins and Colors:
+Colin worked at a meat-packing plant for fifteen years. He found the work to be boring and unsatisfying but he found the paycheck and benefits to be outstanding and supremely satisfying.
Then something exciting happened one curious evening:
Colin found himself seated next to a coworker's spouse at an annual company Christmas party. The gentleman, named Peter, had a great interest in coin collecting. In fact, not only did he have an interest in coin collecting, Peter happened to own a company that specialized in rare coin collections.
Unbeknownst to him and even the other employees, Colin had been a private coin collector all of his life, and a quiet one at that.
When Peter mentioned a rare coin through trivial conversation at the table, Colin piped in and shared his knowledge about both the coin and the fact that he, himself, was in possession of this certain treasure which Peter spoke of.
Peter looked at him in utter astonishment,
"Are you kidding me?"
As a young boy, Peter learned that Colin loved the little frame collectors that housed dated pennies, nickles, and quarters. Every Christmas he was gifted with a new coin collection kit of some kind and, every year in response, he had learned more about coins. Over the years and out of love for coins, Colin had become a walking encylopedia on all areas and subjects coin related.
One week and countless conversations later (including a personal glimpse of Colin's coin collection,) Peter offered him the vocation of a lifetime.
Colin is now a chief employee at a rare coin and history shop in the US which does a great deal of work around the world. Not only is he having the time of his life; he's become a supremely regarded and respected Chair and "coin consultant" in the collecting business. Colin's love affair with coins translated into a lucrative, "unthought of" career with coins.
We love it!
+Danielle worked as a seamstress at a local alteration shop for several years. The work wasn't great but the pay was decent and Danielle liked her employer.
A woman of wealth, who happened to frequent the business, liked the look and style of Danielle. She noted the way Danielle put clothing combinations together and then could pull them off beautifully.
She asked Danielle if she'd be willing to be a personal clothing consultant for her, and suggested to Danielle that she had an apparent and obvious gift for eye and attire.
Hmmm ... interesting.
Danielle graduated from part-time to full-time clothing consultant in less than two weeks and was engaged in a 50+ hour business venture which included turning classy clientel down.
Danielle loves her new "unthought" of vocation and is now a leading voice in the clothing and beauty industry all because she "wore her colors" and simply got noticed.
We love it!
It's easy to overlook and undervalue that which comes naturally and easiest, but there just may be gold in it ... and we may find ourselves surprised and delighted when we least expect it.
Invest in your coins, wear your colors beautifully, and keep doing what you love.
There's only one you ...
And only you do it best.
And all of a sudden there I was ... doing that thing which I'd always done but now being compensated so deliciously.
It was wild and crazy good ...
And better than a dream.