By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Until suffering, celebration, and identification are woven into the fabric of our relationships, we understand very little about "true" relationship.
Until we dispose ourselves to the unearthing of our own uncomfortable realities, we are figments of our own imagination and nothing more.
We are empty.
We are pretentious.
We are proud.
We are self-righteous.
We are gloaters and promoters of ourselves.
We have ourselves at stake, ourselves to exalt, ourselves to preserve.
We are larvae, self-contained in a cocoon of lifeless color, safely protected and going nowhere.
Religious shells of self-confining matter composed of narrow and strict defining.
Hmmm ...
But throw caution to the wind and launch out on the wing of flaw, foible, and failure and see if the old confines of the cocoon and the netted sheath surrounding wasn't all the while confining.
Rejoice in the removal of every imprisonment which binds you and every movement undertaken which assigns you to flight.
You were made with wings ...
try them out and make use of them.
Rejoice in the colors surrounding you.
Fly about and ...
begin noticing.
Begin loving.
Begin healing.
Begin living.
Christ rejoices in the life of His liberated ones.
He smiles and laughs with pleasure and perfect delight at the spontaneous eruption of color taking wing and flight all around Him.
Where wing takes flight ...
there a story sheds light on the beautiful and blessed Gospel.
The wondrous breathtaking color of redemption.
Live out its colors.
Spread your wings ...
in colored beautiful.