By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Give the "bucket list" a heave-ho and let it go.
It lacks empowerment and sounds old, at least to me.
I'm a "kite-flying" colorful dreamer who believes in imagining dreams a mile high and experiencing adventures that deliver and empower.
I desire to investigate and "tap" into the five senses in concrete, palpable ways which enhance and advance the experience of adventure and make it unforgettable.
A few of you do too!
Here's an imaginative, empowering list void of the norm ... which might get you dreaming.
1) Enjoy a full downpour in the nude with nothiing but Irish Spring attending.
Mmmm ...
I can smell it already.
2) Lie in a streambed or shallow riverbed entirely clothed but for exposed feet.
Sounds like a barefoot delicious idea.
3) Climb Black Elk with a handicapped individual and absorb their innocence and unparalleled wonder.
4) Climb a tree with each of my grandchildren accompanied with a book and chocolate kisses.
5) Experience and explore the underground of Wind Cave in the Black Hills.
6) Enjoy a night of star gazing in the back of a truck or on top of a camper top.
7) Climb up a deer-stand and enjoy an entire day of solitude and writing with the conclusion of a sunset.
8) Experience femininity, beauty, and sound in a long black gown, long black gloves, and a front row seat at a Symphony.
9) Experience the ocean at night with my preference being the Arctic.
10) Inspire and empower three individuals in a palpable, original, and unforgettable way.
Verbs excite.
Activities inspire.
Experiences rejuvenate.
Discovery invites.
Risk compels.
Imagination accompanies.
Empowerment, energy, and adventure await.
Fly your kite ...
and let the string out.
Colorful Dreamer.