This prayer brings me unspeakable comfort this evening.
It was found in an ancient little prayer book with a tattered little blue cover ... and it has been a blessing beyond words to my personal life.
I trust it will do in your heart what it does in mine.
“O God my Father,
 Who is often closest to me when I am furthest from You and who is near at hand even when I feel that You have forsaken me, mercifully grant that the defeat of my self-will may be the triumph in me of Your eternal purpose.
-May I grow more sure of Your reality and power.
-May I attain a clearer mind as to the meaning of my life on earth.
-May I strengthen my hold upon life eternal.
-May I look more and more to the things unseen.
-May my desires grow less unruly and my imaginations more pure.
-May my love for my fellow man grow deeper and more tender, and may I be more willing to take their burdens upon myself.
To Your care, O God, I commend my soul and the souls of all those I love and who love me; through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
-John Baillie