By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Blaise Pascal. Leonardo da Vinci. Benjamin Franklin. Granville Woods. Booker T. Washington. George Foster Peabody. Abraham Lincoln. Harry Truman. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. Oprah Winfrey. Helen Beatrix Potter. 

These individuals share a single thread of significant commonality:
they are self-taught.
An autodidact is a self-taught individual without a formal education or institutional canopy.
These individuals are voracious readers, learners, thinkers, and life-long students.
They are deliberate and intentional in their quest for knowledge;
 and they are front-runners in arenas of ingenuity, creativity, and subject mastery.
What they "lacked" in formal education they made up for in deliberate and experiential pursuits. Utilizing the resources around them, they earned their "degree" through applied knowledge and continuing "education" in limitless arenas.
George Foster Peabody claimed the library as his alma mater;
Bill Gates and Steve Jobs would probably claim the computer as theirs,
 and da Vinci and fellow artists might select nature.
Hmmm ...
Beautiful. Life-charging. Provoking.
Autodidacts are outstanding individuals and being coined one recently myself, I considered it a "bestowed title" of generous proportion.
Love it!
On to my next discovery ...
   Maybe tomorrow you'll read about it.
Passion, pursuit, and curiosity may be traits that outrank "titles" in the end.