By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

I'm a conversation stopper.
I'm known for silencing the deepest of conversations in order to record a profoundly spoken thought.
My "penned" friends are both flattered and humored by these moments,
generally impressed with the "rewind" of their unfiltered thoughts,
and positively blessed that I'm, without question, engaged and invested in them.
Two simple reflections:
+A "rewind" is an empowering resource.
The most profound thoughts tend to emerge from individuals reliving and retelling their real-life stories. Generally, the more intense the experience, the more profound the thought.
 I've learned that "rewind" is an invaluable resource and discerning gift offered to others generally leading to self-awareness, discovery, and intimacy.
There's nothing like hearing a direct quote from yourself.
+People are hungry to be seen and heard.
In a world possessed by technology, rare and wise are individuals who free themselves from its curse to explore who and what is in front of them.
Depth of intimacy and true exchange happen when we are fully present and fully engaged in the moment.
Tell me ...
When was the last time someone stopped you in mid-sentence to record and rehearse a profundity you've spoken instead of excusing themselves for a call or a text?
What impact is this having on the person in front of you?
What impact is this having on you?
Choose to become a healthy and healing "conversation stopper".
And one individual at a time ...
be the listening and loving difference.