By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Individuals interested in off-line, on-time, real-time relationships and activities are growing in number.
+Silent book reading groups are beginning to sprout up around the country as individuals come together to share space and a place ... minus cell phones, laptops, and chit-chat. The goal of these "readers" is to share a common and familiar love of reading while enjoying the quiet companionship of others in a peaceful and conducive environment.
The desire to host and enjoy the simplicity of settings such as this appeals to many, myself included.
Count me in.
+Off-line retreats where people gather for week-end experiences with a desire to connect face to face and not text to text are popping up all over and thriving.
People are getting tired of congregating around templates of Instagram, Linked-In, and Facebook and actually looking for "table-time" with real faces, real voices, and a company of people more interested and invested in personhood than Powerpoint.
Off-line retreats are gaining momentum ... with the only uninvited guests being cell phones, laptops, and technology.
Mmmm ... sounds delicious.
Count me in.
+Meditation is being actively and ardently promoted.
Companies like Google, Apple, and Disney are actually implementing strategic measures for periods of meditation throughout the day in order to allow for creativity to surface.
It's been observed that productivity increases greatly where the mind has been given time to recharge, reboot, and restore itself.
Meditation aids in achieving this.
Businesses are seeing the value in providing resting places and spaces for meaningful meditation and being met with successful results.
Hit the "Like" button on this one and participate.
We need quiet space and places.
We need periods of rest and stations of rejuvenation.
We've been created for solitude, silence, and the Sabbath.
We must be proactive in securing ourselves with periods of contemplative rest where we become familiar with aloneness and sacred retreat.
Indulge in solitude,
invite it's presence into your life ...
And encourage others to share a quiet space with you.
Shhh ....
Embrace the silence.
"Wisdom grows in quiet places."