By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Originality is liberating.
    It frees the soul to see things differently ... allows the mind to sort things out creatively and distinctively. Original individuals are free thinkers, fierce motivators, and confident individuals who stand out in stark contrast to the "norms" of society's majority. Originality is unorthodox, non-conforming, and eccentrically beautiful.
    Dare, risk, and confidence are components of originality.
    Originality is nothing more than the dare to be one-of-a kind.
    "To myself I am only a child playing on the beach, while vast oceans of truth lie undiscovered before me."
    -Sir Isaac Newton

    Sir Isaac Newton is thought to be one of the greatest intellectuals who ever lived.
    His life was governed by eccentricity, individuality, and originality.
    He thought like no one and, thus, he acted like no one.
    The mind that teemed with scientific formulas, alchemy, and gravity contained an original gravity of its own and continually ran contrary to the scientific minds of the day.
    Sir Isaac Newton was a non-conforming, unorthodox thinker who ended up making history and some of the greatest scientific discoveries of the day.
    Originality is a dare to be different.
    "It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation."
    -Herman Melville

    Herman Melville, famed author of Moby Dick and other great writings, experienced profound and prolonged periods of difficulty in childhood, youth, and early adulthood.
    His father viewed him as dim-witted and unintelligent though really Herman's mind was composed of a most complex and extraordinary "originality" and eccentricity. The curious character of Herman Melville was composed of brilliant complexities and imaginations that would spur the mind and pen and eventually make him famous.
    Failed attempts at common mens' vocations (banking, teaching, etc.) drew him to the sea, where he experienced the adventure of a lifetime in 1845, while being captured for several months on a voyage.
    Close friend and confidant, Nathaniel Hawthorne, also prized for his originality, urged and encouraged Herman to write in an original "bent" and style of his own.
    "Call me Ishmael."
    The original first line of MOBY DICK is irrefutable evidence of Herman Melville's originality.
    Originality is a dare to be different.
    "I shall not die of a cold. I shall die of having lived."
    -Willa Cather

    The beauty of author Willa Cather lies in her non-conformist ideas and original views.
    Willa's novels include:
    Even in her youth, Willa was identified by eccentricity, ingenuity, and originality.
    While living in a "roughed out quarter" on the flat Nebraska prairies, and not more than 15 years old, Willa marched into the local barbershop and had her beautiful auburn tresses hacked off. She outfitted herself in a blazer, starched shirt, and tie and requested that people call her "Willie."
    Hmmm ... would she be remembered one wonders? Ha.
    Housing a brilliant mind, she switched her degree from medicine to journalism and went on to write some of the greatest works and words known to literature.
    Leon Edel, the great biographer, viewed her works as greater than Hemingway's and afforded her the compliment,
    "The day will come when she'll be ranked above Hemingway."
    Indeed ...
    Willa's world was entirely original.
    Originality is a dare to be different.
    Originality is a bold step into a world teeming with conformity and conventionality.
    Originality requires a pioneering effort and a pioneering personality. It veers down its own path and subjects itself to its own whims, wonderings, and wanderings.
    Originality is a trail-blazing quest and encounter with authenticity.
    One must confidently, ardently, and audaciousy strike out on it ... and be forever changed in the process.
    Originality is the most beautiful and original "dare" in the world.
    Community thrives wherever it is encouraged and present ...
    Is there anything more radiant and beautiful ... than that which is set apart and entirely original?
    -Darrelyn L. Tutt


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Should you share your dreams and desires with others or keep them to yourself?
    Research suggests a a wisdom in keeping silent.
    Here are a few reasons why:
    1) Delayed gratification demands discipline ... and so does a dream.
    Spouting off early about "larger than life dreams" provides a temporary high but wields a negative long-term outcome. We all know the feeling of early jubilation and celebration upon a fun announcement but a fun announcement rarely paves the way to an accomplished dream.
     Joe's early forecast about Law school sounded wonderful when he announced it at the last reunion ... but three months later and a few dollars short, Joe decided Law school was overrated and settled down to work at the local diner instead.
     Hmmm ...
    Indeed, individuals who yearn for adoration and applause up front are not likely to take the difficult steps necessary to achieving their dream.
     Instead of announcing a dream, go to work on it.
    Folks will see and admire your efforts on a whole different level if they see you doing something and not just saying something.
    Delayed gratification is a worthy endeavor.
    Apply yourself to it.
    2) Doesn't the announcement of a dream aid in accountability?
    Not at all.
    Individuals desirous of accountability will attack things in a strategic way and apply for help in a tangible way from those who are able to appropriately assist them.
    Accountability requires humility and help ... not applause.
    There's a big difference.

    Accountability is a strategic step toward the accomplishment of a dream that may require the telling of it to one or two, but this is for an entirely different reason than approval, applause, and a toast.
    Know the difference.
    3) Achievers don't have time to blather on about their dreams because they're too busy working to be talking. Achievers value discipline, hard work, and sacrifice and shut out unnecessary distractions and detours for the realization of a dream.
    They put in the hard work, time, and energy needed to achieve and accomplish a dream and they see it through to the end.
     These individuals enjoy a timely toast in a much larger way upon completion.
    Delayed gratification is a powerful thing.
    Wait for it.
    Think about your dreams and appreciate them but don't get lost in conversation about them.
     Get to work on them!
    Perhaps the first and greatest step to realizing a dream is simply determining to keep your mouth shut.
    Get a grip.
    Zip your lip.
    Go to work.
    Empower Community.


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    The word "community" is becoming increasingly difficult to define and many are divided on its meaning:
    Some define community as a body of like-minded individuals who thrive under a canopy of like-minded preferences and tastes.
    Others define community in a broader sense, as a collective body composed of great differences yet abiding respectfully with one another.
    First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt exemplified and nurtured the ideas and ideals of true community. Consider the active position and stance she took to support her defining of community and see whether or not you're a participant in it.
    1) Eleanor was initially a member of DAR (Daughters of American Revolution,) and then withdrew her membership due to their opposition of African American women. She said, "To remain a member implies approval of that action, and therefore I am resigning."
    Alienation and isolation doesn't foster true community.
    True community doesn't exclude ... it includes.

    2) Eleanor utilized her high ranking position to positively reinforce and define true community which, she believed, to be a collective group of individuals with equal rights to the exclusion of none.
    Mary McLeod Bethune (African American) was given the appointment of "Founder and President of the National Council of Negro Women" and adviser to the federal government by President Franklin D. Roosevelt upon Eleanor's insistence and persistence.
    True community is enforced when we openly identify with the excluded.
    3) In 1939, at a meeting in Alabama promoting human welfare, Eleanor discovered segregation in the seating. She got up and sat by herself in the aisle separating blacks from whites.
    True community doesn't seek to segregate and isolate.
    4) When Marian Anderson, the beautiful and renown African American opera singer was denied access to a performance in Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C., Eleanor immediately arranged an appearance outdoors at the Lincoln Memorial monument.
    True community works to positively impact and unite.
    5) In 1945, Eleanor became a board member of the NAACP (National Association of Advancement for Colored People,) and worked relentlessly and courageously to unify and usher in true community.
    True community works for the good of all and displays no prejudice.
    How we define community is essential to the building or disintegration of community.
    True community is not formed or fostered through hostility and divided on differences but through respect and shared understanding of human commonalities.
    Be strong.
    Be courageous.
    Support the ideas and ideals which build and promote true community;
    and refuse, withdraw, and resist all those to the contrary.
    True community depends on it.
    Perhaps a little more ...
     of Eleanor.



    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Anticipate Unusual Growth & Unexpected Surprise Throughout.
    The adventurous voice behind this month's acrostic predicts a month filled with discovery and growth!
    The more strategically we employ our time, the more energized and hopeful we become.
    Don't allow August to "get away from you" without defining what you hope to achieve.
    Get out a sheet of paper and record 4 headings:
    1) Personal Development
     2) Adventure & Exercise
    3) Financial & Vocational
    4) Giving & Volunteering

    Under each heading record 4 activities of performance per day/week.
    *The more specific you are, the more likely you are to experience achievement.
    Samples and Examples:
    1) Personal Development
    +Library visit / 4 books every Tuesday
     +Bible reading / 3 Chapters daily
    +Writing & Reading / 1/2 hour - 2 hour increments daily
    +Meditation / First morning priority
    2) Adventure & Exercise
    +Muscle toning / 5 miles x 5 days a week
    *1 new hiking destination
    +Creative Arts experience (x1 weekly)
     Via: Art museum. Artist biography. Sculpture walk.
    +New "In-State" Park adventure
    +Kayak, canoo, boating excursion
    3) Financial & Vocational
    +Writing & Study / 3+ hours daily
    +Income Supplement / $300
    +Resources / Connections (+3 new)
    + Writing Conference
    4) Giving & Volunteering
    +Creatively love "one" stranger a day
    +Monday Visitation / Elderly or Shut-in
    +Wednesay / 2 encouraging notes
    +Baked item / Thursday / Homeless
    AUGUST ...
    Anticipate Unusual Growth & Unexpected Surprise Throughout!
    I've no reason not to.
    Expand Community!


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Rich experiences dot the landscape of my life.
    Wherever I turn I'm met by libraries, books, words and an endless supply of unlimited and expansive resource.
    Invited guests, characters, and authors are varied, frequent, and numerous.
    A daily investment of reading rewards me with a superior education and a marked level of confidence. 
    An excellent conversationalist, I appreciate the companionship of minds and mouths that challenge and provoke meaningful thought. In partnering up with a myriad of voices, individuals, and authors I'm supplied with strength of thought and provided with new landscapes and adventures.
    This Week's Explorations:
    +Kim Jong Un unsettles and intrigues me. In reading of him, my understanding of North Korea is greatly expanded and so is my sympathy for its people. Global headlines come alive in a more clarifying way and geography is better situated in my head. 
    +Moses invited me into a land of milk and honey this morning, and induced a delicious hunger for God's word in me early. Exodus 33:12-23 provoked a prostrate posture outside on the grass where I laid this particular passage open along with myself and prayed a most ardent and fervent prayer. I felt myself in kinship and in close connection with my brother Moses and I love him.
    David whispered to me beautifully on the heels of Moses ... encouraging me to memorize Psalm 19 and so I am.
    +John Adams courageously speaks to the theme of independence. While a bit arrogant and overdone; his courage, bravado, and remarkable "wordsmith" skills can't be overlooked. I identify him as a provoking writer, independent thinker, and President.

    +Abigail Adams fires up the need to speak-up and be heard. A fierce proponent of women's rights, she aided in securing women with the right to vote (though slow in coming,) by speaking her mind. A woman of substance and intelligence, she spoke an "independence" message to her husband that had long-term ramifications in promoting equal rights.
    +Benjamin Ferencz is absolutely, affirmatively, and decidely the best; a chief source of enrichment and empowerment.
    A Romanian born American lawyer, Ben's extremely small stature only magnifies his character and remarkable oratory skills. His intelligence and confidence sufficiently landed him the role of chief investigator of the famous Nuremburg trials. His unrelenting investigation of war crimes and his methodology speaks to nothing but greatness and virtue of the most historical kind.
    Few men rival Ben Ferencz ... in my book.
    A wide variety of reading develops an expansion of mind which lends itself to growth, enhancement, and adventure of every kind.
    Books bridge us to new landscapes,
     link us to new ideas,
    and intersect us with new individuals.
    In being challenged and not threatened by men of difference, we find ourselves sufficiently and respectfully separated from the majority.
    We learn, grow, and invite healthy change.
    A discovery of our truest selves is defined through our investment of learning;
    make sure it's big, broad, and expansive.
    Dot the landscape ...
    Expand your community.
    Study what a man reads and you'll expose a true portion of his character. 

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