By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Hannah L. Hassler, my daughter, confidante, and brilliant friend, is preparing to launch a new podcast and website titled Rorschach Your Reality. For those of you unfamiliar with the term Rorschach, think "inkblot test" and Google yourself into a fact-finding mission composed of curious tidbits and tests.
    The premise of Hannah's work suggests that we are constantly interpreting the input around us (often unconsciously) and then turning our perceptions into stories that wield extraordinary power in our lives. As a creative writer and former English teacher, Hannah loves narrative and story arcs and believes that stories hold power to change lives. When we choose to reframe our perceptions we can consciously alter the arc of our own day to day story.
    To stay updated on her launch dates and get a list of 5 awesome podcast recommendations, use the link below:
    Hannah is also looking for guests to interview and would love to connect with anyone who would:
    +Be able to talk about a specific instance in their personal life or career where circumstances didn't necessarily change, but a shift in their own perceptions impacted how they experienced what was happening.
    +Personal growth as a result of mindset shifts.
    +The power you have to shape your experiences in life, even when your don't necessarily have power over whether or not they happened in the first place.
    Click the link and ...


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    Chris entered my life some 25 years ago and made imprints in my physical life that have carried over into a healthy practice and discipline still “walked out” today.
    Our relationship began with a simple invite to become her walking partner.
    Had you known me at that particular time, you would’ve observed that I was not in peak shape nor had I ever entered into a regimented physical discipline.
    I’m not sure what prompted the invite but I grabbed ahold of it observing it had clearly been a productive discipline in Chris’s life.
    How hard can walking be, right?
    I’d like to speak to that question:
    By the third block of our five mile course on our first day I was ready to call it quits. I recall looking at her out of the corner of my eye hoping she was humoring me.
    She wasn’t.
    Welcome to the world of speed walking.
    Too proud to assert my weariness I managed to complete the first day’s walk which, in hindsight, I still consider a monumental feat.
    Blisters lined my heels and toes.
    Sweat permeated my entire frame.
    Breathing was heavy and laborious.
    These symptoms were consistently mine for the first month of our walking regiment which consisted of five days a week, no exceptions.
    I stayed the course.
    Why did I keep walking?
    The foremost reason was that I enjoyed time with Chris and the budding intimacy that was being developed in our time together and because I possess one of those natures that’s motivated and driven to achieve.
    The need to be challenged sits in me like an empty tank ready to be filled.
    Chris happened to be the pump.
    Her consistent presence in my life was a daily motivator and challenge to me.
    I continued on because of her.
    Within about two months, my stride was equal to that of my friend and through the process I began to eat less, walk more, and enjoy a wonderful new friendship.
    Chris’s walk greatly influenced my own and her invitation to a walk challenged me.
    Praise be to God for the individuals who spark challenge, life, and vibrancy into our lives and evoke healthy challenge and change as a result.
    Their worth is inestimable and it is to these individuals I attribute three life lessons:
    1) A walk has the power to change a life.
    My friend would have laughed at the idea that a simple invitation to take a walk could impose life changing and health altering consequences in my life.
    But it did.
    That walk also fostered an intimate friendship that I deeply needed in that period of my life for which I will ever be grateful.
    A simple walk has the power to do that.
    We each have the power to contribute something life-changing and meaningful to one another.
    God has wired us for community!
    Extend your hand and heart and welcome someone new into your world. Deliberately explore and engage in new life experiences!
    2) Respect and invite challenge.
    Don’t resist the challenging stride of another even if it looks initially impossible.
    Take one step toward a challenging individual and tap into new arenas of personal growth.
    Resist the urge to walk with people of the same gait; you won’t progress or develop muscle this way.
    You’ll be amazed at what an individual’s stronger stride contributes to your own.
    You’ll find yourself totally empowered even if you're a little threatened in the beginning.
    Hold a challenging hand and develop a stronger stride.
    Engage with a stronger "strider".

    3) Blisters become strategic life developers.
    Those nasty blisters are just no fun but they’re part of the walk. If your walk looks anything like mine, you’re familiar with blisters, bobbles, and burns.
    Persevere and be encouraged if you’re dealing with them, my friend; they symbolize perseverance, movement, and progression;
    they're a healthy, though very difficult, part of the journey.
    Keep on walking.
    Arrive somewhere life changing ...
    and connect with community.
    If you're looking for connection, challenge, and meaningful contribution to your journey, feel free to contact me.
    I’d love to meet up with you, support you, and inspire you.
    Yours on the journey,
    Darrelyn L. Tutt / Motivational Speaker + Life Experience Coach
    Specializing in Small Group Dynamics


    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    The "Banquet" is a beautiful stop on our journey of Community and worth a bit of retelling.
    On June 17, 1985, a group of volunteers decided to "put feet" to the need of feeding "people in need" in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.
    The start-up began as most start-ups do:
    with humble roots, hard labor, and not a little of the green stuff.
    The eyes, hands, and feet of merciful volunteers and visionaries quickly saw the need for expansion and began to accommodate those needs in physical, visible ways.
      Now, 30 years after the first meal, the Banquet seeks to expand its growing influence yet again. (A building is soon expected to go up near the Nordstrom Johnson building on the fairgrounds.)
    The desire to feed and fill "growling" tummies, souls, and spirits is being met through the Banquet in practical, tangible ways.
    Absolutely beautiful and inspiring!
    "We have become a core feeding ministry in our community. People come and know they will receive a dignified and nutritious meal, provided by people in the community who really care," said Jerke Liesinger.
    In 2017, 196,000 meals were served and 25,000 of those meals were eaten by children under 12.
    What a difference compassion can make!
    Hmmm ...
    Note the word "compass" in compassion,
    and consider the way that compassion has the power to navigate, steer, and direct.
    Jesus was the first "complete" primary compassion giver;
    the "Compass" for men and the true voice to follow in activity.
    He leaves it now with us and commands us in His word to love openly, forcibly, and compassionately!
    -Luke 10:25-37-
    Tonight, I'm going to listen to the "growl" of the hungry and do something about it.
    I'm going to feed, fill, and fuel hungry souls.
    Mmmm ...
    May our lives point to the true "Compass" in compassion.
    Get out there!



    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    The past several years have been life changing for me.
    Altered by the decision to deal openly and concretely with sin,
     I began to lay my life out in an open way so that Christ could do exactly in me what He told me He had already done for me.
    Namely: to cleanse me from my sin, to wash me in His blood, and to renew me and restore me to His beautiful self.
    The ramifications of accepting Christ's "blood letting" on me began to dramatically alter the way that I loved, looked, and lived. I began to see an invisible "blood" circle unite itself around the centrality of God's promises and link hands with me and grant me life and empowerment.
    I began to experience true fellowship and camaraderie with the saints.
    I began to recognize the beauty and integrity to be found in sincere truth telling and in the forgiveness of sins.
     In hindsight, I had never dared to put Christ's blood to the ultimate test on account of pride and fear of man. I was always hiding some little pocket of sin in order to be thought well of, and in order to be liked and retain a position and status among men. It was a poorly run system with the effects of hypocrisy, Phariseeism, and judgement running swiftly and steadily through me.
    It was certainly not in keeping with the "blood story" of Jesus or conducive for drawing others unto Him.
    The story was a lot about me and a very little about Him.
    Hmmm ...
    Suddenly, I couldn't stand myself, my sin, or "my" ugly anymore.
    The bondage of sin and pride had spread through me like an incurable cancer and I simply grew desperate to be relieved of myself.
    I wanted to be "hosed down" with the blood and knocked off my feet by its power.
    I wanted Satan to flee and see the blood on his evil backside and to experience his departure from my life.
    And Jesus did this for me.
    I came clean about my sin ... and I've been experiencing more of Him ever since.
    I no longer have a "position" I fear losing or a "status" I'm working at defending.
    My present reputation testifies to a sure and complete transfusion of blood from my Savior and nothing more.
    Nothing has brought me more peace in all my life than this "red" reality.
    I'm free to live.
    And now I make it my goal to hold on to the first hand I see while holding on to the "blood letting" circle gatherers who have criss-crossed my path and shared their beautiful blood stories with me.
    We are a community of blood bathed saints,
    made clean through the blood of Jesus Christ.
    Our declaration and salvation is birthed, steeped, and realized in Him alone.
    No man preventing.
    God created "community" to be empowering, restorative, and revitalizing.
     This is the community I seek to participate in.
    All are included and none are excluded ...
    "Nothing but the blood of Jesus."
    I hope you'll be blessed.


    I hope you continue to find yourself blessed!

    By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

    February is a month composed of frigid temps and rigid weather patterns.
    For this reason it acts as an enablement to writing and creative expression, encouraging down-time for reading, writing, and study. Cultivate and explore healthy writing habits this month and rejuvenate your mind and pen purposefully.
    Sample a few acrostic ideas for February and see if two or three don't make a notable difference in your reading and writing practices.
    Facebook time - limit it.
    Select the amount of time you're willing to give popcorn chatter and utilize a "timed" method in the employment and enjoyment of it. Be deliberate in prioritizing your purpose and plans on Facebook and keep to a regimented time with earnest discipline.
    Embrace two themes.
    Embrace two new themes in your reading this month that begin with the letter F.
    I've chosen themes on Freedom (Underground Railroad) and Forensics, a topic that seriously and curiously captivates me. Utilizing my librarian or Google for an interesting "work" on Forensics, I'll explore a new option and a new field while exploring and activating some new ideas which will most certainly contribute to movement in my pen.
    Broaden your literary circle.
    Select one or two individuals that challenge and inspire you and select a book to read together. Pick a "book date and time" in February for the digestion of it and employ a meaningful conversation over a steaming cup of coffee as you exercise your minds together on something meaningful.
    You'll be amazed at what this assignment does for both your relationships and your mind.
    Read to someone.
    Read a short book aloud to an individual who is housebound or has difficulty seeing, and contribute selflessly to someone else's life. Know what subjects and authors appeal to the individual you'll be reading to and get outside of yourself. You'll be amazed at how gratifying this assignment is.
    Utilize a new writing strategy.
    Select a time, place, or environment entirely new to "you" and see if creative juices don't flow differently in it. This can be as basic as employing a different room in your house (try the guest room,) or enjoying a library, coffee house, or office space.
    Audio ideas.
    If you're a person habitually caught up in the reading of a book, adapt a new learning style and "listen" to one instead. Listening can aid in rediscovery and better mind absorption. Give it a go and try the Audio version.
    Reviews - Take time to write up one or two.
    Think through the books you've read recently and record their contribution to your mind. This is a rewarding experience worthy of observation and analysis.
    Pay attention to what books you're investing time in and what books aren't worth investing time in.
    Hmmm ...
    Yes ... and again please.
    Select a book that thoroughly challenged you and look for a movie, discussion, or individual to expand on it once again with you.
    Voracious readers tend to inhale much and move on quickly but sometimes a book can be worth another look or a longer look.
    Say yes to a second helping of a good book.
    Mmmm ....
    Be deliberate, intentional, and strategic in the month of February. Make your time count and your thoughts matter.
    Utilize the weather patterns and watch healthy emerging patterns develop in writing.

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