CTI Music Minstries


Since Old Testament times music has been used to worship the Lord and bring glory to His name. His people have utilized harps, flutes, and lyres, and in more recent times guitars, keyboards, and drum sets. Even in simple settings, uplifted voices singing praise can often be found in connection with the Christian church and its believers.

Despite the prevalence of music in our faith, however, there are some places that tend to have less live worship available to them than others. Often overlooked are prisons, rehab facilities, homeless shelters, nursing homes, and rescue missions. These locations may have a Chaplain, or provide occasional worship services, but it is often difficult for them to put together enough people and material to offer live worship on a regular basis. Even within churches that have good music programs, there are times when the performers surely wish that they could enjoy a worship service put on by someone else, a music experience they could simply enjoy without having to orchestrate their own role and the roles of others.

Music, with its reverberations of both joy and sorrow, love and pain, hope and despair, allows us to come before the throne and lay our souls bare, in perhaps one of the more experiential and moving forms of worship that we have. It is powerful, transformative, and a blessing to those who receive it.

CTI Music Ministries is a ministry that was formed to use music as an avenue to bring hope through Christ to people all over the world. Their groups of musicians travel across the United States, as well as to various other countries, performing worship concerts in venues as varied as churches, nursing homes, prisons, shelters, and more. Along with their music, CTI also utilized their musicians to share stories of hope and redemption, and to share the story of the Gospel with those they are ministering to.

Being a CTI musician is not glamorous – it involves long hours on the road, nights spent sleeping on spare beds, or even spare floors, and the tedium of constantly being on the move, setting up and tearing down, packing and unpacking. The teams spend a lot of time together, and because of this they must constantly make the choice to reflect God’s love, not just to audiences or during concerts, but during road trips, and while sharing bathroom space, and during all the behind the scenes business when there is a lot of work and very little recognition.

Being a CTI musician is rewarding. Unexpected connections, the awesome ability to actually see lives touched by the Gospel, and the chance to truly invest in Christ centered relationships with other believers are just some of the benefits of choosing CTI as a venue for serving the Lord with your musical talents.

CTI musicians raise their own support, which enables them to travel across the world sharing the Good News of the Gospel with those who are not always a priority for ministry teams. If you’re interested in learning more, booking an event, or in supporting CTI, check out their site at ctimusic.org.