By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

God works and speaks in the most curious of ways.
I should have the reader know that consistently and provokingly, God speaks His most precious and powerful truths to me while I'm enjoying an emphatically hot, steamy shower.
In the midst of a forcible, cleansing "waterfall" the Spirit speaks with clarity to my soul.
So emphatically are the words stirred and heard in me that I will step out of the shower and immediately put to pen and paper (while the shower's still running,) the thoughts so expressed within my heart.
I mentioned this odd curiousity and wonderment to my husband in a rambling conversation with him recently and ... he became seriously and visibly moved.
Taking hold of my hand and overcome by emotion, he looked into my wondering eyes and spoke a very tender and timely message:
"God speaks to you when you're naked, Darrelyn, because He finds your 'naked' beautiful.
He wants 'you' to know that."
Hmmm ...
The more I've thought on this sentiment, the more meaningful it has become to me.
Truly, God finds our "naked" beautiful.
I am slowly learning this.
Lacking in pretense, projection, and position, we make ourselves vulnerable when we lay our souls bare before God.
When we dare to expose all of our dirt, shame, filth, and grime to God, then we can be washed by Him.
 When our souls lay bare before God, the potential for cleansing is at its purest.
Is it not?
When our souls appear naked and utterly exposed before God,
He is afforded and given the most beautiful opportunity to cleanse, heal, and renew.
This is an invigorating, cleansing, refreshing reality.
Soak it in, dear reader!
I come to God in all my nakedness ...
And He cleanses and covers me.
Everything that I am and everything I'm not is already known by Him.
When I don't try to hide the real me and you don't try to hide the real you,
Something really purifying happens.
And in Him and because of Him ...
We are free.
We must dare to be naked.
We must dare to be real.
We must dare to be bare.
"Neither is there any creature that is not manifest in His sight; but all things are naked and opened unto the eyes of Him with whom we have to do."
Hebrews 4:13
*Read the verses that come after and be doubly cleansed and blessed.