By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Emphatically employed with a passionate nature, I derive energy in the writing and recording of goals, ambitions, and desires.
I hunger for new pursuits and worthy attainments.
Achievements that seem impossible to many, and attainments identified as improbable to many, enlist an excitable energy within me.
I'm not interested in doing things like others, being defined by the short imagination of others, or limiting myself to the perception of others.
I perceive that God is bigger than all of that and I make a list that implores Him to suggest His nature over mine in an emphatically large way.
To see Christ realized in a most wondrous personal way is a deliciously unsterilized thought to me, and I allow my imagination to run wild and the voltage to get a little crazy and ... away I go.
Here are eight areas under consideration and construction, in my life, that I'm in the process of exploring. I'm not in the stage of perfecting the list yet ... I'm just in the stage of dreaming and imagining.
Originality is prized by me and critique is a hindrance to me in this early stage.
Here are some ideas that might motivate you in some way:
Academically - 1)Take a college course or an on-line class. 2) Attend a seminar or invest in a conference of "mind-stretching" interest.
Relationally - 1) Join a writing or book club that encourages interaction with a diverse group of individuals. 2) Volunteer service, time, and energy in a place of need and benefit to others.
Financially - 1) Learn about investments and study the life of a successful individual. 2) Tithe 15%.
Mentally - 1) Interact with a seasoned "sharp" writer or author. 2) Read 1 biography or autobiography a week and explore the mind of another.
Physically- 1) Speedwalk a 21K 2) Hike Harney Peak with two new individuals.
Recreationally- 1) Take a snowmobile trip near one of the Great Lakes. 2) Explore a chunk of Canada ... possibly Banff.
Creatively - 1) Write for a publication. 2) Attend a writer's conference.
Spiritually - 1) Attend a non-traditional church. 2) Read a different version of the Bible cover to cover.
Mmmm ....
A life of discovery is rich, full, and rewarding;
Dare to live one!