By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Leo Tolstoy is to my undoing.
I blame him for my mind's preoccupation and fault him for his gift to write since he's the one responsible for writing ANNA KARENINA, the book which I can't lay down. His writing absorbs me entirely ... sparking creativity, curiosity, passion, and a host of emotions dormant within. He challenges my discipline to daily routine to the last degree and I've about given myself over to him.
Leo Tolstoy has mastered me ...
And what have I to say but that I've only 655 pages left to turn.
Complex. Confusing. Ingenious. Intoxicating. Brilliant. Passionate. Provoking.
Leo Tolstoy was all of these things.
From his early childhood and into later years he experienced the raw ramifications of life and death to the extremes and intersected the ability to speak to them through pen.
His words are graphic and colorful;
as are his plots, climates, and characters.
He is absolutely, definitively addicting.
 He speaks to the human condition wonderfully and applies all conditions. A man familiar with the rigors, hardships, and disappointments of life, he is true to his word and his words are true of him.
Truths about Leo Tolstoy:
+His relationships were tumultuous.
+His temperament was uneven.
+His moods were monstrous.
+His intensity was inconsolable.
His life was a great concoction of irrefutable questionings and questions.
He was bred a throroughbred through trial and strain and no one could race through a pen quite like Leo.
The temptation to feel ourselves "alone" is part of the human condition and part of life.
And yet everytime we pick up a book and engage in the lives of others, we find an instant and mutual camaraderie which speaks to us of commonality and humanity, and brushes gently against our "aloneness" and gives us hope.
Great and daring minds inspire.
Honest and true souls light a fire.
Raw and real souls dare to inquire and thereby challenge the rest.
Questioning minds question and speak authoritatively and truthfully to the human condition and dare to say what others have never dared to say all along ... and this is why we love such authors so.
To Leo and all the inflammatory, impassioned individuals who dare to "be" and dare to write ... may the pen press on and prevail.
May the dot of an i and the stroke of a t be of great defining.
 I dared to write how I saw the world ... 
and the whole world changed.
-Darrelyn L. Tutt