By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

" ... remain by the stone Ezel. And I will shoot three arrows on the side thereof as though I shot at a mark. And behold I will send a lad, saying, Go, find out the arrows. If I expressly say unto the lad, Behold, the arrows are on this side of thee, take them, then come thou; for there is peace to thee and no hurt, as the Lord liveth.
But if I say thus unto the young man, Behold, the arrows are beyond thee; Go thy way, for the Lord hath sent thee away. And as touching the matter which thou and I have spoken of, behold, the Lord be between me and thee forever."
1 Samuel 20:19-23
Today's Read: 1 Samuel 20; Psalm 143
The intimate relationship that existed between David and Jonathon was a love that David coined, more wonderful than the love of a woman. (2 Samuel 1:26)
The unusual exchange that occurred between these two individuals stirs, speaks, and inspires us to the "sacred ties that bind," and if only and even to "one" on earth, we find ourselves truly blessed.
Hmmm ....
In the Authorized Version the stone Ezel reads, "The stone that showeth the way."
The stone Ezel was symbolic of a sacred safety, a scarlet provision of sorts, that visually and privately displayed Jonathon's unfettered love for David.
Such a love kept David's heart beating after the Lord when the days grew long and weary,  when seasons of heavy meloncholy would set in, and when David's anointed life lay subject to the jealous crazy whims of Jonathon's father, King Saul.
No matter how devoted David showed himself in King Saul's army, how beautifully he played the harp, or how masterfully he secured the nation with glories and significant victories ... King Saul would vacillate in his love/hate relationship of David unto his death.
He feared him and he respected him;
He hated him and he loved him;
He drew comfort from him and knew discord with him;
He was insanely jealous of David and it drove him to crazy measures.
Over and over again the scenes of David running from Saul and then running to Saul replay themselves like a psychotic thriller that doesn't end until someone dies.
Hmmm ...
Jonathon's loyalty to David was secured by his relationship, first, to God.
He was not threatened by the man he knew would succeed him on the throne and he was in a position that allowed him the ability to secure a needed and necessary safety for "the man after God's own heart" and his "beloved best friend."
Jonathon goes out on a limb here, once again, to secure David with a passage of safety and give him a "tone" through a "stone" of his father's demeanor toward David.
Taking out his trusted bow, he shoots an arrow beyond the stone Ezel, and sends his "young servant" after it:
"And Jonathon cried after the lad, Make speed, haste, stay not ...
1 Samuel 20:38
Those words were not for the young lad's ears ...
They were for David's ears, and the arrow was for David's eyes, suggesting a privately conferred upon message that a "parting of ways" needed to once again happen.
The echo rang from Ezel,
"You need to run ... because Dad's gone mad again.
Be safe beautiful friend.
The arrow that flies is the arrow that also unites ... and the two friends, David and Jonathon, do not part ways here without a falling on their knees to one another in a declaration of love and devotion to one another ...
One final time.
It's an empowering story that speaks to an unqualified earthly relationship.
Read it and be blessed.
God has His sovereing ways of protecting us in time of danger.
He situates us with beautiful people in beautiful places and secures us with a message resounding from the stone Ezel ...
"The stone that showeth the way."
Truly He is the Stone that showeth the way ... and giveth light to all men who seek Him.
Listen to Him and go where He tells you to go.
Provision will be yours while you follow.
Look for the arrow.
Three Study Suggestions:
1) In today's "read," highlight the tone of relationship that existed between David and Jonathon and record your insights.
2) Ask God to intersect you with an individual who drives you deeper into intimacy with God and into truth. The individual ought to be of the same gender as this procures an added measure of both safety and wisdom ... and speaks to internal motives.
3) Become an "arrow" well directed that truthfully asserts a passage of safety to another in need without thinking of consequence to yourself.
Honest devoted love ...
is truthful.
Pray to be a "Jonathon" and pray to have a "Jonathon" in your life.