By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The December Study is here and I'd love for you to participate!
This study will draw its strength from the characters surrounding Christmas.
We'll seek to "Remember in December" all that matters.
Together, we'll be empowered, encouraged, and enriched as we open up God's word and explore together.
There's no word in the world like God's word; no word more steady, solid, or secure than His.
No word filled with more comfort and hope than His.
God's word is timeless, priceless, and beautiful, and all who invest in it are blessed by it.
Join me as we delve into the truth and grace of the Scripture.
Link your arm with mine and come along.
Yours on the journey.
-Darrelyn L. Tutt
*Tap the Scripture referenced below and it will lead you into our study.
 Please note that studies on this site are offered every other month.
This study is being offered as a personal, private, and reflective intimacy enhancer.
For your eyes only.

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