By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The October Study is coming and I'd love for you to participate!
This particular study will be composed of a Gospel "read-through" accompanied by a daily Psalm.
Expect to be empowered, encouraged, and enriched as we open up God's word and explore it together.
There's no word in the world like God's word.
No word more steady, solid, or secure than His.
No word filled with more comfort and hope than His.
God's word is timeless, priceless, and beautiful;
Blessed is the man who invests in it.
Join me for a beautiful adventure in God's word as we move "Onward Through October" and grow in Him.
Link your arm with mine and come along.
Yours on the journey.
-Darrelyn L. Tutt
*Tap the Scripture referenced below and it will take you into our August Study.
 (Please note that studies on this site are offered every other month.)
Sample it and consider whether you might be interested in joining me on an intimate journey through October.
This study is being offered as a personal, private, and reflective intimacy enhancer.
For your eyes only.

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