By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

People who overcome extraordinary odds know a thing or two about dreaming;
they aspire to more because they see more.
Overcomers aim a little higher,
delve a little deeper,
and aspire to more than "limits" can suggest.
Overcomers are optimistic individuals who refuse to settle into the world of negativity and its overpopulated community.
Overcomers live in a "mind world" of declared affirmatives:
I'm able.
I'm willing.
I'm intelligent.
I'm hard-working.
I'm resourceful.
I'm positive.
I'm hopeful.
I'm helpful.
I'm enthusiastic.
I'm passionate.
I'm cheerful.
I'm expressive.
I'm a child of God and loved to the "enth" degree by Him.
It's my desire, dear reader, that you become insistent on living the life God prepared for you.
Live it joyfully, radiantly, and fervently.
Live on fire for God ...
And ignite your world.
"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire."
-Ferdinand Foch