By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Success is wise failure management.
It's the ability to translate negatives into positives.
 Success is the ability to seize and make use of failures, and achieve a notable outcome with the lessons learned from them.
In a study of high achieving individuals, we discover that the great denominator and commonality of successful individuals rests on their tenacity, perseverance, and vision, and the ability to reconstruct and translate the "negatives" into positives.
Individuals who succeed don't give up.
+They show up.
+They stand up.
+They get back up.
No matter how many times the horse bucks or the body buckles,
 a refusal to surrender finds its way back into the saddle, albeit, a little busted up at times.
Some of you are at the half-way of achievement.
You're tuckered out, tired out, and beginning to question.
Anything and everything is possible.
God says so.
Be encouraged and empowered, my friend, on your journey. Utilize your failures and setbacks and view them as vital resources for the continuance of journey.
Persist in progression and maintain relationships that are positive, powerful, and reinforcing!
You've got a lot ahead of you, a lot inside of you, and a God who is fighting for you.
Get back into the saddle and "do" your ride.