By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Rich experiences dot the landscape of my life.
Wherever I turn I'm met by libraries, books, words and an endless supply of unlimited and expansive resource.
Invited guests, characters, and authors are varied, frequent, and numerous.
A daily investment of reading rewards me with a superior education and a marked level of confidence. 
An excellent conversationalist, I appreciate the companionship of minds and mouths that challenge and provoke meaningful thought. In partnering up with a myriad of voices, individuals, and authors I'm supplied with strength of thought and provided with new landscapes and adventures.
This week's explorations ...
+Kim Jong Un unsettles and intrigues me. In reading of him, my understanding of North Korea is greatly expanded and so is my sympathy for its people. Global headlines come alive in a more clarifying way and geography is better situated in my head.
+Moses invited me into a land of milk and honey this morning, and induced a delicious hunger for God's word in me early. Exodus 33:12-23 provoked a prostrate posture outside on the grass where I laid this particular passage open along with myself and prayed a most ardent and fervent prayer. I felt myself in kinship and in close connection with my brother Moses and I love him.
 David whispered to me beautifully on the heels of Moses ... encouraging me to memorize Psalm 19 and so I am.
+John Adams courageously speaks to the theme of independence. While a bit arrogant and overdone; his courage, bravado, and remarkable "wordsmith" skills can't be overlooked. I identify him as a provoking writer, independent thinker, and President.
+Abigail Adams fires up the need to speak-up and be heard. A fierce proponent of women's rights, she aided in securing women with the right to vote (though slow in coming,) by speaking her mind. A woman of substance and intelligence, she spoke an "independence" message to her husband that had long-term ramifications in promoting equal rights.
+Benjamin Ferencz is absolutely, affirmatively, and decidely the best;
 a chief source of enrichment and empowerment.
A Romanian born American lawyer, Ben's extremely small stature only magnifies his character and remarkable oratory skills. His intelligence and confidence sufficiently landed him the role of chief investigator of the famous Nuremburg trials. His unrelenting investigation of war crimes and his methodology speaks to nothing but greatness and virtue of the most historical kind.
Few men rival Ben Ferencz ... in my book.
A wide variety of reading develops an expansion of mind which lends itself to growth, enhancement, and adventure of every kind.
Books bridge us to new landscapes,
 link us to new ideas,
and intersect us with new individuals.
In being challenged and not threatened by men of difference, we find ourselves sufficiently and respectfully separated from the majority.
We learn, grow, and invite healthy change.
A discovery of our truest selves is defined through our investment of learning.
Make sure it's big, broad, and expansive ...
Dot the landscape!
Study what a man reads and you'll expose a true portion of his character.