By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The NFL creates a list or a "Draft" by which key players are strategically highlighted and sought after for purposes of achieving victory:
Kyler Murray, QB (Quarter Back,) Arizona Cardinals; Quennin Williams, NT (Nose Tackle,) New York Jets; Devin white, LB (Line Back,) Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
These men compose a short list familiar to Head Coaches around the country as being excellent "Draft" selections.
What if we created a "Draft" in like manner ... for our dreams?
What if we selected ten qualified individuals as team players to help us arrive at our dreams?
Who would we choose?
How well can we identify them?
Hmmm ...
The ability to "Draft" specific individuals for dreams lies in the ability to concretely identify them.
How well can you do it?
How knowledgeable are you and how serious are you about the achievement of your dreams?  How well can you identify the skill sets of others and your own in accomplishing them? How well are you currently utilizing the strengths of those around you to achieving them?
Do you like the "idea" of your dream or are you actually taking steps to progress and achieve your dream?
This is a big question.
Compose a Draft
On a sheet of paper, compose a "Draft" of ten players who will help you achieve your dream. Be practical, specific, and concrete in your selections. Enlist each "player" with a role and title that speaks to their value, placement, and skill on your dream field.
The more specific you are, the more likely you will progress in it.
If Steve dreams of being a Pilot, for example, his short "Draft" might include these types of individuals:
1) Mr. Shawn, a Discovery Flight Instructor who works with potential Pilots in the early phase of Pilot programming.
2) Mr. Conrad, a head "Flight and Navigation" instructor at Purdue University, a top notch Avaiation school.
3) Mr. Jones, a highly regarded and approachable licensed Pilot composed of years, experience, and with considerable references.
Note that each of Steve's "Draft" picks are secured for specific purposes which will enable Steve to make progress toward the dream of becoming a Pilot.
Be specific:
Identify your dreams.
 Select your Draft.
Head to the field.
Work hard.
Celebrate victory.
Know your dream team.
"If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."
-Isaac Newton