By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Refueled. Recharged. Revitalized.
When was the last time you experienced the wholeness and fulness of these life-giving words, dear reader?
Who empowers, electrifies, and impacts you?
Who creates a desire in you to dream bigger, explore more, and hear the "sound" of explosive possibility sounding off within you?
Who makes your life echo with a greater desire to realize your potential?
Hmmm ...
It's very important to envision and live out the dreams and desires God has for our lives and invest in relationships which further them.
Without dreams we grow cold, lifeless, and stagnant;
but with them we grow energized, empowered, and enriched.
Dreams and desires keep us true to a purposeful mission on earth and employ us with creative and sure-fire energy.
 Dreams and desires enable us to become what Christ intended us to be;
they are beautiful and worthy of consideration and exploration.
What are your dreams?
 Can you comfortably and confidently articulate them?
Are you progressively invested in them?
Why or why not?
Hmmm ...
I'm moving into a new season of life which involves provoking the dreams and desires lying dormant within others.
I'm looking to refuel, recharge, and revitalize those of you who have forgotten how to dream and are slogging through life with minimal energy, impact, and enthusiasm.
I'm looking to be called into your tired, crazy-life world and urge you to dream again.
Take a breath,
invite me in ...
 Dream Again.
Darrelyn L. Tutt is a passionate and compelling motivational speaker. 
She encourages and empowers others to reclaim their identity, dreams, and desires, and enables others to see more for themselves.
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