By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

 Crucifying the flesh is a regular, uncomfortable, unnatural, holy business.
It must be done daily and deliberately;
It must be done with earnest resolve and an intensive appeal to the Spirit for a supernatural impartation of strength.
The glory of resisting the flesh lies in the desire to give glory to God;
He is worth the battle every time.

Do not grow disheartened, in the heat of the battle, by all that wars within you,
By all that must be resisted and refused;
It is only a display of God at work …
A sure witness that what you leave behind will be superseded by what you receive within.
Drive a stake into the reality that a great grace and an immeasurable peace awaits you at the end of the battle.
Drive a stake into the flesh;
And God will drive a stake into your soul.
You are His and He is yours …
Give glory to Him.