By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The skies above are a bruised blue;
A deep shade of dark melancholy.
Unapologetically, descending upon me,
Seeping into me,
This canopy of blue.
The skies;
They tell and foretell:
Some days so gentle,
And others so cruel.
Vividly etched,
Variations of blue,
 Strewn on a canvas unending.
Uncertain one moment,
Then certain the next.
Settled one moment,
And stormy the next.
The message in blues,
Ever changing.
Swollen and bruised,
Slowly fading ...
The deepest loneliest blue;
I've felt it and so have you.
And in this way the canopy arches and spreads over us,
Whispering a wind-swept remembrance between us.
The sounds can be heard in the blue,
 The silence gathering,
The calm overshadowing ...
A comfort,
The knowledge of you.
One never forgets the blueness of season,
"There's always a reason,"
You said.
Deep shades of blue ...