I hope you continue to find yourself blessed!

By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

February is a month composed of frigid temps and rigid weather patterns.
For this reason it acts as an enablement to writing and creative expression, encouraging down-time for reading, writing, and study. Cultivate and explore healthy writing habits this month and rejuvenate your mind and pen purposefully.
Sample a few acrostic ideas for February and see if two or three don't make a notable difference in your reading and writing practices.
Facebook time - limit it.
Select the amount of time you're willing to give popcorn chatter and utilize a "timed" method in the employment and enjoyment of it. Be deliberate in prioritizing your purpose and plans on Facebook and keep to a regimented time with earnest discipline.
Embrace two themes.
Embrace two new themes in your reading this month that begin with the letter F.
I've chosen themes on Freedom (Underground Railroad) and Forensics, a topic that seriously and curiously captivates me. Utilizing my librarian or Google for an interesting "work" on Forensics, I'll explore a new option and a new field while exploring and activating some new ideas which will most certainly contribute to movement in my pen.
Broaden your literary circle.
Select one or two individuals that challenge and inspire you and select a book to read together. Pick a "book date and time" in February for the digestion of it and employ a meaningful conversation over a steaming cup of coffee as you exercise your minds together on something meaningful.
You'll be amazed at what this assignment does for both your relationships and your mind.
Read to someone.
Read a short book aloud to an individual who is housebound or has difficulty seeing, and contribute selflessly to someone else's life. Know what subjects and authors appeal to the individual you'll be reading to and get outside of yourself. You'll be amazed at how gratifying this assignment is.
Utilize a new writing strategy.
Select a time, place, or environment entirely new to "you" and see if creative juices don't flow differently in it. This can be as basic as employing a different room in your house (try the guest room,) or enjoying a library, coffee house, or office space.
Audio ideas.
If you're a person habitually caught up in the reading of a book, adapt a new learning style and "listen" to one instead. Listening can aid in rediscovery and better mind absorption. Give it a go and try the Audio version.
Reviews - Take time to write up one or two.
Think through the books you've read recently and record their contribution to your mind. This is a rewarding experience worthy of observation and analysis.
Pay attention to what books you're investing time in and what books aren't worth investing time in.
Hmmm ...
Yes ... and again please.
Select a book that thoroughly challenged you and look for a movie, discussion, or individual to expand on it once again with you.
Voracious readers tend to inhale much and move on quickly but sometimes a book can be worth another look or a longer look.
Say yes to a second helping of a good book.
Mmmm ....
Be deliberate, intentional, and strategic in the month of February. Make your time count and your thoughts matter.
Utilize the weather patterns and watch healthy emerging patterns develop in writing.