Assign. Align. Assist.
By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Individuals and endeavors that promote healing, growth, and wholeness energize, excite, and empower us.
Three concrete steps to becoming this individual:
1) Assign
Assign yourself (on paper) three specific subjects that excite, energize, and empower you:
Welding. Cooking. Gardening. Beauty. Children. Agriculture. Art. Knitting. Reading. Hiking. Writing. Animals. Care-giving. Anatomy. Education. Military. Athletics.
Sky's the limit on this one but make sure you select three specific areas.
"Assigning" should feel exhilarating, enjoyable, and energizing; even the words themselves should spark a hopeful surge in you.
2) Align
Align yourself, now, with three individuals/endeavors which are related to your subjects and which pose the possibililty of life enhancement to both self and others. Make sure at least  one of these three links you to a book. There is no substitute for reading (or audio.)
If "gardening" happens to be one of your subjects, for example, you might enlist an individual who's a natural greenthumb, along with a nearby greenhouse, along with a character who has inspired you in the botany arena such as George Washington Carver or Joseph Banks.
By aligning yourself with individuals and endeavors which speak to your subjects and passions, you begin to identify yourself and link yourself to new possibilities of engagement, pursuit, and empowerment in these areas.
"Aligning" is a verb and suggests activity.
Involve. Engage. Do.
No procrastination allowed.
If Sarah happens to run the local greenhouse in town, make a visit to the shop and ask about events coming up in the gardening world and sign yourself up for a class or group which will encourage new relationships with individuals of "like" interest while strengthening your knowledge, skills, and confidence on a subject you find energizing. Purchase a new plant on the way out the door and open yourself up to a new exploration, education, and adventure on plant life ... and also promote and invest in an individual who's actively engaged in a subject you love!
Look for active ways to enhance interaction with your subjects; they're all over.
If you're reading a book about George Washington Carver while linking yourself to other stimuli, you'll be further encouraged and inspired by ideas relevant to your subject and to you.
"Aligning" is invigorating, challenging, and educational and assists humility, wisdom, and growth. Without implementation and appropriation of this step, there's nothing but mediocrity and lifeless identity.
Aligning brings defining.
3) Assist
Give careful consideration to what fostered and fueled your early interest in the subjects you recorded and consider how you might iimplement them in the life of another.
+Was your Dad the first individual you watched who performed the magical metal art called welding? What part of it did you love and when did you begin to feel a pulse for it?
+Did your employer subject you to a new task of caregiving and you realized a natural inclination toward a specified area as a result? Did working with an Alzheimer's patient or a heart patient speak a clarity and constrast to you about what you loved and what you didn't?
+Did an elementary teacher assign you a writing assignment and words effortlessly flowed from you? Did a Robert Frost or an Agatha Christie cement a desire in you?
Hmmm ...
All of these promising "triggers" suggest meaningful ways you might assist others.
Provide others with refreshing and rejuvenating opportunities to try something new like you once did. Remember that beginning points are not only yours to enjoy but yours to provide. By enlisting them for others, you'll find yourself energized in the process ... guaranteed!
If you happen to be an employer, consider attaching a new assignment to an employee and securing individuals with new interests; not only might you foster greater productivity in your employee base but you'll potentially ignite new arenas of interest and strength which will contribute to the success of your business.
Purchase and promote books, magazines, and interactions of all kinds which pertain to more than your interests. Make sure that lunch time is surrounded with reading material that applies to areas of other individuals interests. Show thoughtfulness by investing in the interests of others and you'll leave an unforgettable impression!
Assisting others promotes the good of others and when we do this ... we become bettered ourselves.
Assisting is empowering!
Assign. Align. Assist.
And simply repeat until it becomes second nature and an applied science.
And now you've just learned something new.
Go and do.