By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Think of words that spike your energy and record them.
Here's a peak at my own:
Passion. Pursuit. Playfulness. Intensity. Originality. Spontaneity. Tenacity. Activity. Movement. Momentum. Vision. Challenge.
These words are totally life-giving and energizing to me and the mere mention of them exhilarates me. I give them permission to roll around in my mind and off my tongue for a few moments and urge you to do the same.
Don't they just "do" something delicious inside of you?
Do they not spark life and infuse hope?
Mmmm ...
Once you've created your list you'll find certain curious realities attending:
Namely, that the words you chose inhabit the people, pursuits, and passions you're drawn too and this, my friend, is a worthy contemplation.
Let it sink in and consider whether this is not so.
We're each outfitted with unique and internal dispositions that require attending and serve a higher and specific purpose:
To glorify Christ and love others in expressive and original ways.
God has created us with these clarifying, distinctive "triggers" for acts of service and for His glory.
We serve effectively where we are filled with energy.
Woohoo and three cheers ...
Have some fun!
Consider creating some fresh new goals and dreams, my friend, that adhere to the qualities God has placed within you. You'll find this a rejuvenating activity which lends itself to the exploration of fresh dreams, goals, ambitions, and adventures.
Once you've done this,
 implement strategic and concrete activities that move you toward a desired outcome.
Invest in what's energizing:
-Purchase a pair of hiking boots.
-Visit the library and bring books home on subjects that engage you.
-Intersect people that propel you.
-Visit locations that excite you.
Explore. Explore. Explore.
Arrive somewhere exhilarating and energizing by investing time and energy in what you love and don't waste your time and energy trying to be anybody but you.
Experience the adventurous life God has called "you" to.
Love the life you live ...