By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Sherry's life.
It's complicated and it's not.
Sherry grew up in a home flowing with wine and alcohol; familiarity with its erratic effects was part of her growing-up package.
Violence, absence, police disturbances, and domestic issues were common occurances in her home.
Not surprisingly, Sherry's DNA and genetic disposition seemed unusually charged with a thirst for the bottle.
Sherry didn't like who she was becoming;
flashbacks of her parents were becoming realities in her personal life and affecting the welfare of her own children. Experiencing the debilitating effects of maternal failure, she sought out help.
She quit the bottle.
Not once.
Not twice.
Not three times ....
but too many times to count.
And then she met Christ, life was complete, and the drinking days were over and a thing of the past.
But then ...
 An untimely tragedy struck.
Cancer invaded Sherry's body and the invasive treatments of radiation and chemotherapy took their toll.
Over a "gargle" of mouthwash one difficult morning, the desire for alcohol overwhelmed Sherry with a fierceness she'd never experienced.
Sherry bottomed out,
she reached for the bottle,
and the rest is now a repeat of history.
I don't pretend to have the answers for Sherry ... and I don't have to.
Sherry is not in need of theological discussions, situational Bible verses, and well-worded Christian cliches. She's loathes herself and she hurts like the blazes.
Sherry needs to be loved:
She needs someone to bring over a bowl of soup instead of a glass of wine.
She needs someone making her bed instead of making a "toast."
She needs the experience of compassion and not condemnation.
She needs someone to sit with her when the cancer is too much and the desire for a drink is overpowering.
Because more than a drink ... Sherry is thirsty for love.
 I may not know how to do everything just right for the "Sherry's" in the world, but those God places in "my" path will experience love, compassion, and open identification.
I'm not ashamed of the "Sherry's" and I won't run from them, though years ago I know I would have.
God is changing me and I want this reality to be "my history" repeated over and over again.
 God be praised for every drink we take of Him, and every cup we serve another ...
 in His name.