By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Stringent rules act as horrific task masters.
When rules become masters of enslavement instead of ministers of empowerment ... we find ourselves subject to a legalistic, unredemptive scrutiny.
-The beauty of relationship, rawness, and realness is annihilated.
-The beauty of trial, error, and learning is obliterated.
-The rejuvenating elements of adventure, playfulness, and creativity are stoned, shunned, and silenced.
When rules become about controlling conduct instead of engaging and encouraging empowerment and growth, it's time for rules to be broken.
Hmmm ...
God doesn't need more rule-makers;
He needs more redemption-takers.
He needs us to become active, ardent participants in rebranding the theme of His Son's life called redemption.
Perhaps some of us must break our own rules to make this discovery.
We are constantly changing, revolving, growing, and evolving through life experiences.
At least we ought to be.
When rules impair and prevent these ideals from occurring, they must be reconfigured, reassessed, restructured, and confessed.
Assess your "rules" for engaging and the purpose for which they serve.
Empowerment or Enslavement ...
Select your Rules of Engagement wisely.
"She broke every rule she'd ever made and learned in doing so ...
that her journey had just begun."

-Darrelyn L. Tutt