By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

You have choices to make and you are afraid to make them.
But still ... you know what you must do.
It isn't the easy thing but it is the right thing;
And in the final analysis ...
It is the only thing that matters.
The consolations and comforts that will attend you and be afforded you will take your breath away.
You may not see it right away but you will one day.
God is beautifully, tenderly, wonderfully faithful to the contrite, the broken, and the repentant.
Be encouraged by the reality that you could have never been brought to "this" point if God wasn't insistent and faithful on making "a" point ...
That namely He is faithful and He is God.
Walk away and let it all go.
Your time has come.
No one else can make your journey for you.
Beautiful friend ...
How God loves you.
"Those that are in a sinful state are concerned to make all possible haste out of it. Get out for thyself, that is, for thine own good. 

Those who leave their sins and turn to God, will themselves be unspeakable gainers by the change."
-Matthew Henry