By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The plane bound for Mesa has landed.
The combination of a new landscape and the sight of my beautiful daughter energizes me in an instant. I breathe in the Arizona air and declare my presence in the state.
Adventure awaits!
Our conversation on the way home is stimulating and non-stop.
A delightful first hand account of "life in Arizona" is shared with me along with an enjoyable summary of new employment endeavors and a trail of new life details.
I learn about husband Joe's new work experience in the Florence prison system (Chaplain) followed by the amusing dog tales of "Duke and Doppler."
I enjoy the beautiful new home my daughter resides in and applaud the warmth of her decorating taste.
I feel at home ...
New names, missions, visions, and ideals dot our verbal landscape and I soak it all in with the Arizona sun.
And I've only just begun.
I receive a condensed version of interesting Arizona factoids:
74% of Arizona is owned federally and consists of parks, preservations, reservations, and forest land. Only 12% of the land is privately held.
I'm not sure who eats up the remainder.
The gathering of curious insight intensifies my initial experience and provokes my investigative tendencies.
+The landscape is dotted with prickly studded cactus and a sense of never ending, dry, expansive prairie. I'm filled with a dry, thirsty, wanting kind of "urge" compelling me to enjoy a wine of its description later in a toast.
 +Mountains encompass the plains, some capped in white, bridging me to my Northern roots. Hannah and I will climb one of these in a day or two.
Temperatures today are conducive for movement but a little on the high side; a horseback ride on new terrain sounds extraordinary.
My daughter's voice brings me back ...
sounds like she's located a desirable riding stable a distance away.
 Time to engage in new adventure!
Invite. Explore. Expand.
Love the life you life ...
Find your Arizona.