By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

First time you meet someone, what do you remember?
The color of their eyes?
Their face?
The sound of their voice?
Their teeth or their smile?
Their laugh?
What about their energy?
Hmmm ...
It's a curious thing what first attracts or repels us to others, and the way our answer can evolve and change over time.
In the past I would've said ... a person's voice.
As a "word" person I appreciate words, voice, vocabulary and the sound of one's name. While I still place a high premium on voice, my answer has changed and is now an individual's energy level.
I'm super attracted, and find beautifully attractive that wonderful force called energy.
When an individual walks through my door or I'm granted a first time interaction with them, the first thing I "feel" is their energy level.
I've learned that one's energy level impacts and spills into every area of one's life, affecting one's demeanor, countenance, and personality. It explodes forcibly through the eyes, voice, and posture and speaks to passion, potential, and possibility.
In my mind's eye, individuals turn beautiful in a second who display passion, animation, and playfulness:
Positive energy is a force hard to beat and difficult to defeat.
Positive energy speaks to life, passion, and an adventurous spirit.
Positive energy speaks to curiosity, exploration, and enthusiasm.
Mmmm ...
Heaps and heaps and more and more please.
Gosh, but it's fun to engage with energizing individuals.
And then of course ... there's the other side of energy.
Negative energy saps, zaps, and depletes beautiful life all around itself and it can be felt at once. It's stagnant, horrifyingly contagious, and absolutely worth fleeing from; it's suffocating, claustrophobic feeling, and miserable.
It's unpleasant, unlovely, and annoying.
Uck, yuck, and yikes ... I can't do these individuals long.
I shall find myself an excuse almost at once, but in the most friendly way possible, to be relieved of such a presence.
Probably just as well because nothing, I have learned, is more disagreeable to a pessimest than a hopeful, cheerful optimist. Hopeful, earnest passion has been known to irritate, isolate, and be sent to a "time-out" in the corner on occassion.
The "Rabbits" are dreadfully hard and critical of the "Tiggers."
But off to bouncing we must go ...
With a positive energy level in toe.
Ta' ta' for now and wonderfully delicious!
And in the process if I step on "your" toe ...
I'll just take it in stride and be humored by the knowledge I'll be remembered.
Enjoy a positively energizing day.
What do "you" first remember and why?