By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

I'll give you five objects and you tell me what's going on:
VICKS Sinex Nighttime tablets. HALLS honey lozenges. Chicken Noodle soup. Kleenex ultra soft. Saline nasal mist.
Hmmm ...
We nod our heads in unison and understand the universal remedies applied to the cold/flu bug. Tis the season and not one of us is surprised.
Presently, it's my battle and these are my "go-to" remedies.
Snuggled in a heavy fleece gray robe with a blanket draped across my lap, I plunk away with my nasal dripping nose and plugged brain and go to work on formulating words.
I can't stop writing any more than I can stop the cold from attacking;
it serves its own medicinal purposes.
As I look at the surround of my little remedy-based environment, I think about the "five objects" and wish to take our assignment one step further.
I'll give you five new objects and you tell me what's going on:
Alcohol. Cigarettes. Pornography. Oxycontin. Credit cards.
Hmmm ...
We nod our heads and relate these words to our universal understanding of addiction.
Bad stuff. Hard stuff. Hurtful stuff.
Taken in excess it's all "killing stuff."
But the killing stuff isn't so scary if we break it down and recognize that the primary goal of "killing stuff" is literally to kill stuff going on inside:
Loneliness. Isolation. Abandonment. Desperation. Hopelessness.
We each have an unhealthy "go to" that we "look to" in our time of pain.
-We don't always run to Jesus first.
-We don't always make the right choice.
-We don't always do, think, or aid ourselves with correct and healing remedies when we feel ourselves hemorrhaging within.
Sometimes we reach for the familiar embracing of a bad "drug" and work to temporarily cauterize the pain.
Be it eating, alcohol, money, sex, or drugs ...
we want the bleeding to stop.
We work to assist.
Bugger and blast ... and to no avail.
Hmmm ...
This is where the grace and the blood of Jesus comes in, the sure transfusion for every confusion you and I will ever experience.
Don't get tripped-up, hung-up, or "weirded out" by the vice of others and their substitute for stopping the bleed; it isn't helpful, healing, graceful, or conducive to the Gospel.
Just assume that whatever "you" go to might be called by a different name to another; though it's really one and the same. Choose to see it this way.
Choose to identify and do it openly ...
allow the broken world to "see" love.
Internal hemorrhaging requires internal healing.
A life-giving transfusion from Jesus is the only remedy that works this side of heaven and work ... it does!
The Great Physician prepared His blood in advance to meet our needs and, the more we receive of His blood, the more freely it flows from our lives into the lives of others until nothing really scares us about temporal remedies anymore.
Five objects tell a powerful story about an individual's life.
How we respond to the five objects tells a powerful story about us.
Make it a compassionate read,
and go with the "flow".
And now excuse me ...
I'm looking for a Kleenex.