By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Five interesting facts about falcons:
1) Falcons are fast.
In a downward spiral for prey, falcons have been clocked at speeds of 242 mph making them the fastest recorded animal ever.
Accompaniments to such high magnitude speed include aerodynamic torsos and strategically tipped wings;
along with a highly adapted cardiovascular and respiratory system enabling them to flap their wings four times a second without experiencing fatigue.
2) Falcons have excellent vision.
Like the eagle, a falcon has extraordinary sight.
Looking through a lens created with an extra eyelid that moves from side to side which is both translucent and protective, it has the ability to view prey within a two mile radius, and detect slight but significant moves of creatures below.
3) Falcons are resourceful.
Falcons are able to identify and feast on thousands of different kinds of prey.
"If they spot it and catch it, they're likely to eat it."
Literally, a falcon will feast on almost anything in his field of vision and we know that field of vision to be extraordinarily charged and enlarged.
4) Falcons are durable.
Falcons migrate up to 15,000 miles a year, traveling between continents to mate and find food.
They are dedicated, disciplined, highly intelligent birds with a high durability factor.
Like the bald eagle, the falcon recovered from its endangered status in 1999, and made a remarkable comeback after suffering the effects of the widespread pesticide DDT which killed adult falcons and weakened the shells of infant birds.
5) Falcons are faithful.
While falcons are solitary hunters, they are faithful mates, and produce offspring with only "one" other special bird.
They have an innate sense of direction when it comes to the location of their mate and will fly many miles to perform the mating ritual.
The lifespan of a falcon who survives his first year (60% die in this period) is averaged at 13 years.
The longest known lifespan of a falcon is recorded as 25 years.
The challenge of hunting a falcon should now be obvious to the reader;
They pose a formidable challenge to the seasoned hunter and suggest a superior intelligence in those crafty enough to catch them.
Falcons are a federally protected bird and falconry is a very special and fine art.
Apply the facts of falcons to your spiritual life and pray that your soul is developed in like manner:
1) Pray for speed in response to sin.
2) Pray for vision in spiritual discerning.
3) Pray for a growing adaptability and resourcefulness in the environment God has placed you in.
4) Pray for durability and sustainability in harsh seasons.
5)  Pray for a fierceness in the preservation of faithfulness.
God speed and able wing flight on your journey, dear reader.