By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Savoring a beautiful day is energizing.
Yesterday's morning began at 4:30 AM in "blue silk" and with the rising of the Arizona sun.
I stood outside and experienced her warm morning breath with a cup of strong coffee, tranquil meditation, and the prophet Jeremiah.
Duke and Doppler (dogs) translated tranquility into open frenzy in a moment, busting out the door with a need for serious bladder relief, followed by an anxious need for early morning attention. Hannah emerged not long after and I launched on her with the energy of Duke and Doppler combined.
Mmmm ...
We hit the road and headed for Apache Junction around 8:30 AM with absolutely perfect weather conditions accompanying us and lasting the entire day.
Lost Dutchman State Park located in the Sonoran Desert 40 miles east of Phoenix was our first destination. We purchased a day pass and were given unlimited access to a breathtaking landscape composed of mountains and endless discoveries.
We hiked Lost Treasure Trail, a 2 1/2 mile considerable jaunt up to the base of the weightier Mount and appreciated an unadulterated lens of employed land terrain:
Earthen floors canopied with white flowering cactus, woven intermittently with green and gray shrubs, immersed in a golden-glazed weathered grass, and the lovely strain of branched yellow Palo Verde (Arizona's state tree) adorning the whole.
Baby Gila monsters was my verbal coinage for the free wandering little lizards intersecting us continually, and only one little snake slithering softly and harmlessly through the rock met us. The earthen rust rock canvassed in the steep mount high above us and the bright blue skies intersecting was absolutely splendid.
Tranquility is the word for the beautiful Sonora desert.
She is breathtakingly beautiful.
Lazer was my next acquaintance and experience;
  of him you shall hear very soon.
Yesterday was a "blue silk day."
Off to my next adventure ...