By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Friends engaged in conversation.
Referencing a place called Harney Peak.
Ears perk up.
Education: Harney Peak is the highest point east of the Rockies in the United States.
Situated, strangely, in South Dakota.
Doable, affordable, achievable.
Good words in my vocabulary.
I’m going to climb Harney Peak.
Desire attaches itself to my mind with an unspeakable anticipation.
Birthday request:
Goes without saying … doesn’t it?
We ascend Harney Peak together, my husband and I, on July 19th.
Feet move to my desire and its fulfillment.
Journey begins …
We climb, explore, exclaim, and experience a new adventure together.
My words:
Spectacular, breath-taking, exhilarating, energizing, invigorating.
Husband’s words:
Hard work, steep, exhausting, scenic, beautiful.
Two sets of words; 
One journey.
Sort of amazes me.
Life, the journey, the steps … the individual interpretations.
Final steps to ascension are “working” steps accompanying laborious breathing.
And then ....we're there.
Amazing to step on the plateau of desire and experience its gratifying effects:
Satisfying, Intense, Immense, Fulfilling.
The words of a Proverbs pass through me,
"Desire accomplished is sweet to the soul ...."  Prov.13:19a
Try to capture in memory what a photo cannot provide.
Record “peak” moments at the top, rehearse them with the pen:
- Sense of my smallness overlooking God’s vastness.
- Feel of wind across a sweaty brow.
- Smell of nature, earth, rock and tree all mingled together.
-The immense beautiful landscape afforded to my eye.
And ....the whole journey upward.
 The climb itself; the steps required to fulfill desire.
Awestruck ... by the wonder of it all.
I’m filled with this amazing wonder and the inability to articulate the moment properly.
Small, inadequate words form:
God is good.
Three little words so … elementary, basic, and simple.
The whisper,
Nothing else needed; three words are enough.
Appreciation and adoration mingled together… overflowing in praise.
God’s benevolent hand on Harney Peak.
God is good.
A thankful heart.
“The Lord thy God in the midst of thee is mighty:
He will save,
He will rejoice over thee with joy,
He will rest in his love,
He will joy over thee with singing.”
Zephaniah 3:17