By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Imagine a Surgeon performing a multiple bypass on a patient.
Halfway through the process a team of nurses enter the room, walk over to the patient, and begin to pull cords out of walls, remove the oxygen, and rip the IV drip from the patient.
Contempt for the patient flows freely and is realized through the activities performed without a word being said.
The goal of cutting off help and hope is an obvious observation and the "hoped for" desirable outcome is death.
Leave him alone and let him die.
Deformed, disabled, and "unfit" patients should not receive the same care, the nurses decide, as normal healthy able bodies.
"How about we be about saving 'real' lives," Mr. Surgeon.
Hmmm ...
It is a dangerous thing when men act as nurses in regard to the redemptive process.
It is concerning when men attempt to restrict the flow of blood to the confessing, needy, and broken.
 It is a strangely mysterious and something quite serious matter when men try to fill the shoes of God.
God's feet are a few sizes bigger,
His arms are mightier,
His blood is stronger,
His love is greater.
The great Surgeon labors on and loves on because He's God ...
And because His Son's blood is on the table.
The more secure you are in the love God has for you,
 the less fearful you become of what man thinks of you and what he does to you.
The Surgeon's got you,
The blood covers you.
God is able.
Zechariah 3