By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Some people show the color of "red" openly:
-They embarrass easily.
-Wear an eruption of red visibly.
-Display the look of uncomfortability in a mere matter of seconds.
For myself I wonder at what I might have become if such a lot were mine.
I suppose I would don the head of a red-pepper sufficiently and I might feel very hot inside continually. Maybe I would become known as the "woman in red."
But to the contrary and to the opposite,
a "bold oblivion" prevents me from the experience of embarrassment and has been mine ever since I can remember.
Hmmm ...
We all have little misfortunes, maladies, manifestations, and malfunctions to recover in ourselves which can be dealt with through needful humor and the ability to wear the color "red" comfortably.
For myself, and at the expense of some little ego, I shall share one of my internal and "humorable" maladies:
Literal Gullibility.
I have a tendency to take things seriously, literally, and at face value. My desire for impact and content can sometimes overwhelm itself and create heavy analysis where only humor has been applied.  
Rules have been secretly applied as a result:
1) I'm the woman who laughs courteously at jokes for the sake of the host or hostess without any comprehension of what the joke is really about. This is done for my husband's sake so as not to embarrass him and, I've convinced, in order to engage him with real entertainment when we're alone and the joke's been interpretted.
It should be known by the reader that the interpretation of the joke will generally induce the greatest and most contagious eruption from me and I will laugh a very long time after!
How unfortunate, I think to myself, that my hearty eruption couldn't have been applied earlier along with the others at the appropriate time.
Oh ... for gullibility sake!
2) If I think I've gotten the joke, it's likely I've only misinterpretted it and I'm laughing at something very different from the majority. My interpretations tend to be very curious and literal.
3) If I'm presented with "funnings" instead of facts I will likely not know the difference and take words at face value unless told otherwise. I've been known to ask outright if an individual is joking or being sincere for lack of knowing the difference ... and I've been known to secure and pass along as facts, harmless but humoress little "hilarities".
Hmmm ...
What is there to do really, dear reader, but develop the art of laughing at ourselves and our "curiosities" intentionally and with greater frequency.
Humor, at an appropriate and right time has the power to set us right about ourselves in a most colorful, needful, and gentle way.
Humor wields the power to deescalate a difficult situation and detoxify an arrogant soul.
A little spur in the side of ego is a healthy contribution to self and others;
and the ability to laugh at ourselves is a precious and provoking commodity in too short supply.
How well do "you" wear the color red?
Do you need to add a splash of it to your wardrobe?
Hmmm ...
 "A good laugh overcomes more difficulties and dissipates more dark clouds than any other one thing."
-Laura Ingallls Wilder