By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Prostrate ...
Fully absorbed and engaged in "ground" movement.
I lie on the earthen floor and feel the shag of tender carpeted grass beneath me.
Green blades and shades of color meet me.
Soft. Gentle. Cleansing. Restoring. Refreshing.
The rejuvenating scent of earth ...
 masculine and replenishing.
The grass tickles my lips and I taste her on my tongue;
 sweet, sensual, and mild.
Arms and legs extending ...
 an earthen angel with spread wings lying prostrate on earthen floor.
I make a half-moon turn onto my back,
and blink hard into the too bright, beckoning sun.
Pleased and teased by warmth of golden ray, I lay vulnerable in the grass and feel her warmth.
She soaks effortlessly into me ...
finger rays of light emitting heat and energy.
Greens replaced with blues and a thousand hues.
An endless expanse of open sky ...
and tender canopy above.
Pillowy, billowy clouds in marshmallow white immersed in blue. Cumulous formations creating pictures and animations.
An angel turned child ...
  I see a puppy wagging his tail,
 then eaten by a whale right over the top of me.
I see an eye in a fading sky closing fast for want of sleep.
I spy wings sprouting a bird and maybe a turtle trying to creep.
Imagination undefiled ...
 like a child.
Worlds and words are altered dramatically, exponentially, and almost magically through repositioning and a simple change in posture.
Lie on the earthen floor, rediscover, and explore ...
Turn a half-moon.