By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Something so sweet and substantial happened last night during our time at the Banquet (meal provider for hungry people in downtown Sioux Falls.)
My husband and I had the privilege of meeting and greeting individuals as they came in from the terrible cold. The enjoyable task of token distribution was ours and we were to be sure each individual was given one as they came through the line.
White and blue tokens were designated for adults,
red tokens were designated for children ages 12 and under.
The tokens were then placed in a basket on the buffet counter upon the receiving of the meal and an accurate and helpful meal count was provided in this way.
 It was a simple and efficient system.
I was enlisted as the "children" host and I liked this.
 A certain little working boy was magnetically drawn to me during the evening. Whether it was me or the tokens which forged the initial bond seems irrelevant. I just know that we liked one another and found it easy to be in one another's presence.
  The little boy's name turned out to be Nyle.
He was pleased with his name originality and its distinguishing, and he carried a certain air about himself that suggested a distinguished greatness being his one day on account of his very special name.
Curiously, interestingly, and with immediacy, I noted that Nyle's name was the first part of my name spelled backwards which I have always been extremely fond of:
Nylerrad, after all, had been the name of the friendly giraffe decorating my favorite childhood personalized book.
I never knew, as a child, the book was personalized;
I just genuinely believed that a little giraffe was exercising himself to find the other side of himself which was the little girl named "Darrelyn."
I was positively sure that Nylerrad and I would meet one day,
and I always wondered when.
Last night I met "half my giraffe" and it seemed tender and beautiful to me.
Mmmm ...
Nyle's discovery that his name bore relevance to the early giraffe in my life was nothing short of extraordinary.
"Nyle and Nylerrad" had met and a sure kinship was forged through our giraffe "halfness."
 I'm pretty sure we're bound for life in a memorable way upon our name thread.
I had fun with Nyle ...
Together we made up a game called "Spin the Token". He proved himself to be a formidable competitor and won me, hands down. The disappointing fact that neither tokens nor money could be given for his extraordinary "win" was of some disappointment, but quickly overlooked on account of my being "Nylerrad."
Mmmm ...
We just must love the composition of God's originality and His making of us.
Like snowflakes, no single one of us is alike.
I can't be you and you can't be me.
But we can appreciate, love, and extol the unique virtues and gifts God has given to us and make use of them for His glory as they were intended.
There's something beautiful about "your" name and personhood, my friend, that sets you apart.
Be your best "you" and allow God to love others through you;
discover the other half of you.
Nyle and Nylerrad.
"I will praise Thee for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; marvelous are Thy works, and that my soul knoweth right well."
Psalm 139:14