By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

"Hazel and Blue" are the names you'll see written on the top of most of our score sheets.
"Hazel and Blue" are the playful terms of endearment I use when I'm playing games with my client.
Hazel is the color of my client's eyes and blue is the color of mine.
Every day we play games together in an attempt to keep the mind sharp, alert, and focused and everyday the same competitive edge comes out of both of us:
-We both like to play and we both like to win.
-We both like to talk and we both like to laugh.
-We both like to tease and we both like to jest.
But neither one of likes to shuffle the cards ...
So that's my job.
And neither one of likes to lose ...
So I do that once in awhile too.
Some of our best conversations have taken place in the midst of our card games.
Some of our greatest transparencies have been revealed in the midst of a game.
When God chose to put a "Hazel and Blue" together He did a very special and healing  thing in both of our lives.
To Him be praised ... I love Him so.
 I write this on Tuesday evening and I'm thinking about my dear "Hazel" because I had an unexpected day off.
My hours were cancelled due to icy country roads and unsafe conditions,
and while a break from routine is appreciated, my day feels far less complete without the presence of my client in it.
And I miss "Hazel."
Shortly I will crawl into bed and picture her in the midst of her evening routine and I will smile to myself, tuck her into my prayers, and nod off to sleep.
To Hazel from Blue,
There's no one like you.
I love you and I'll see you ...
In the morning.
"Truly God is good to Israel, even to such as are of a clean heart."
Psalm 73:1