By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Steven and Robert were political opponents running for a significant office in a large city.
Steven's character and reputation was on the line and being viciously attacked by Robert, who had the means and the money to do significant damage.
The media worked desperately and feverishly to secure a rebuttal through interview with Steven and finally he relented, to the delight of a chosen and highly favored conservative reporter.
The night of the highly anticipated interview arrived and the anticipated question came early:
"Steven, what do you have to say to Robert's repeated accusations lobbed against you these last months and the incriminating charges assigned to you?" reporter Richard asked.
You could have heard a pin drop as Steven quietly and thoughtfully pondered the question and then looked determinedly into the eyes of the reporter,
"Every night I take an evening walk with my Golden Retriever at my side," Steven answered, "and when the moon is out, old 'Goldy' goes absolutely crazy and he won't stop barking."
Steven stopped and grew quiet as though the question had been thoroughly answered.
Reporter Richard looked something akin to "a deer caught in the headlights" as he impatiently and nervously wiped his brow and cleared his throat,
"I'm sorry Steven, but I'm a little confused and I'm not sure I'm following you.
What does a barking dog on a walk have to do with the accusations being lobbed against you?"
Steven spoke with a quiet air of wisdom and confidence,
"Well Richard ... the dog keeps barking and the moon keeps shining.
 That's what I plan on doing."
Hmmm ...
Some excellent food for thought.