By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

The house follows the heart ... and I have made mine ready.
This morning I rose early, enjoyed a long cup of coffee, and sat quietly in front of my tree.
Reflection and thankfulness filled me:
+I have been protected and preserved for the glory of God.
+I have experienced a chastening, cherished, reconciling side of God difficult to comprehend and more difficult yet to articulate.
+I have been reconciled to God in a fathomless act of divine love.
+I have been forgiven and freed by God and my justification is complete in Him.
+My heart has been made tender and soft by the Almighty and I have experienced more of Him.
My life is not as it should be ...
It is better.

I have received from Christ more than I deserve.
I have experienced more of Christ and there's still more on reserve.
It's a wonder, this sacred mystery called the Gospel.
Christ in me ... the hope of glory.
Come and rest with me.
Quietly sit by me.
Receive grace in house and heart.
Be thankful with me.
"Be still and know that I am God ..."
Psalm 46:10