By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

We were friends in our youth, a small group of us; kids being kids at the lake and enjoying a day of nothing but idle fun.
Heads were bobbing, shouts of laughter were erupting, and a ball for volley was in the air.
In that moment, a certain "somebody" thought it might be funny to hold me under and prevent the volley from reaching me.
Caught off guard and taken from down under, my legs came out from under me and my head passed with suddenness beneath the chilly waters ... and the game went on.
Panic seized me, my mouth filled with water, my chest tightened, and my lungs felt like they were going to explode.
Teepeed arms over my head continued to forcibly pull me down until, just when I thought I couldn't endure another second, a mysterious power overtook me and I jammed an elbow so hard into the "holder's" ribs that I swear I could hear them crack in my release.
Deep furious gasps transmitted into the air as my head shot up and my mouth spewed out a projectile vomit of water.
None, strangely, witnessed the episode but me and the one down under,
 who was already in pursuit of yet another,
and his "fun" went on.
My colorful, jeering friends remained "kids being kids" at the lake with nothing but fun and games in the water.
But the moment effectively moved me and I'd had my fill.
  I traded the waters for the safety of land,
 and the warmth of sand never felt so good.
I was safe.
Hmmm ...
Satan is powerful and he works hard to "hold under" the heads of the elect.
His subtilty is not often observed because he comes from down under and remains unseen, grabbing the legs, and pulling swiftly and forcibly below the "unguarded elect."
But for God alone ...
his art and craft would prosper.
But because of God alone ... he will not.
God delivers the jab and thrust of His word into the ribs of the "accuser of the brethren" and He frees His own.
And those He frees are to never forget ...
their deliverance onto dry land.
God and God alone,
to Him be praise.
"Now the serpent was more subtil than any beast in the field ..."
Genesis 3:1