This piece is dedicated to my husband and best friend of 30 years,
Scot Gregory Tutt.
It bears no rivals but has always worn a heavy cloak of critique from the writer who penned it in earlier days.
Still ... it remains a favorite of his and I shall certainly share it this day.
Happy Anniversary,
My dearest Teddy.

By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Leaves are of the Master's touch,

In nature's quiet voice;
Fascinated, I am awed,
And struck ... by beauty's choice.

For it would choose to be alone,
Than hang with all the rest;
And drop its beauty down below ...
The eye would see it best.

To step upon its colored script,
For granted what we see;
The words are under all unspoke,
And fall inside of me.

For beauty falls and beauty fails,
And only when you seek;
To listen to her quiet voice ...
Will you hear beauty speak.