By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

Do not try to think like the others or act like the others or you shall get all switched about and not care for yourself a bit.
Be original, creative, curious and indifferent to the minds of the masses.
Like a man who has seen a ghost, flee the shadows and rule of certainty, traditionalism, and acceptability so engrained and imposed ... and grow in the grace of authenticity, vulnerability, and the purest form of beauty.
Suggest to yourself and to the world that you are more than a "boxed-up version of familiar" being served up daily and contributing nothing but sameness and likeness and contribute a serving of vitality, originality, and beautiful energy through your differences and eccentricities.
Suggest and prove to yourself that you are looking for more than approval, acceptance, adulation, and applause and take the route that looks more daring, daunting, and unbelievable:
Take risk and you will find yourself enlarged and educated by it.
Be daring and you will find yourself in the company of the bold, imaginative, and inspiring.
Be original and you will see originality.
Be different and you will respect differences.
Be one-of-a-kind and you will draw one-of-a-kind.
But always you are being and becoming "something," and so is everybody else.
And so you must decide what it is you wish to be, but as for me, I will be true to myself.
Generally, what is most different and even momentarily untidy, appeals and transmits life and energy at a different level which exonerates, frees, and eventually liberates.
And I have found ...
Once the skin of perfection and mediocrity has been openly shed and left behind, the self becomes real and something very beautiful.
What very few are willing to risk and dare becomes exposed and finds itself craving more of. The search for characters, experiences, and adventures, in agreement, do situate and propagate themselves accordingly around our "dare" and become our defining.
And here we are.
And I think to myself ...
We never really know who we shall turn out to be until we dare.
-Darrelyn L.