A composition of beauty and virtue lies on the prairie;
a not-for-sale piece of art on public display.
 Restorative. Rejuvenating. Replenishing.
There's great reprieve and solace to be found on such landscape,
 and advantage ought to be taken by each and enjoyed.
Unbiased. Unprejudiced. Inviting.
The State Parks in South Dakota boast an unparalleled beauty and afford the soul a needful rest.
The following lines were composed on a hike at Good Earth State Park.
Perhaps they'll provoke a walk and lines in you.
By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

High tide on the prairie ...
A sea of slivered glass and waves of grass rise and fall with the wind's breath.
Steel turquois, silver mint, and forest jade;
the earthen floor carpeted and canopied in green of shade.
Indian Grass mingled with Buffalo Grass spritzed with lavender.
Big Bonilla and Little Blue Heaven swaying in sweet synchronicity.
A symphony of simplicity on the windswept prairie.
 Willow Flycatcher, Marsh Wren, and Yellow Warbler band together in companion-feathered flight.
Hue of wing in colorful shade of flight.
Wings dipped in red, blue flashing breasts, and orange-undertoned bellies,
 tickle the grass,
play at a task,
and fly free on terrain.
The sharp-eyed Hawk and majestic Eagle hovers silently above.
Sparrows, Bobolinks, and Blackbirds colorfully uniting.
A vast array of windswept priceless art.
Song Birds sing melodiously in sweet anonymity.
Word birds chatter gossip and scatter words unsparingly.
Larks herald news and share it cheerfully.
Wise birds speak a language in hushed tones of privacy.
The rise and fall of song in prairie symphony.
Knee-deep in prairie grass I stand.
Waves provoking, drawing, pulling me in.
A great expanse of endless sky above,
And high-tide on the prairie ...
felt within.