By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

I hold the hand of God,
And His mysterious plan unfolds before me.
Gingerly and tentatively,
With a halting and hestitation,
With a fear and trepidation ...
Yet with certainty of His invitation,
I look imploringly at my merciful Shepherd.
At all He has for me.
-I question whether a soul like mine ought to be privy to such personal experiences of lavish grace and mercy, so tangibly and unquestionably extended me
-I question whether the gifts of God should settle so decisively and forcibly on a sinful creature like myself.
-I question whether inspiration and revelation ought to be better utilized on a purer and more noble heart than my own.
But the Shepherd is sure,
His love is pure,
And His hand is on me.
We cannot know what the future holds,
We can only be sure of the hand we hold.
The Shepherd's hand ...
And mine.