By: Darrelyn L. Tutt

“But however fearful I am, when I contemplate the possibility that someone might finally realize I’m here, I can feel the wings of a bird called hope beginning to beat softly inside my chest.”
-Martin Pistorius

Sometimes the thoughts of another parallel our own so closely that we feel the words of another to be an extension of our own soul;
An audible echo resounding with the reminder that our “aloneness” is perhaps more imagined than real.
The pages of Martin’s soul turn with mine and our roads intersect in a mysterious, timely way that affords me with an unspeakably needed comfort:
His soul captivates me,
His thoughts inspire me,
His words heal me.
The solace that an unknown life can bring should not be underestimated.
Be a gentle “Martin” in someone’s life today;
Perhaps I can be that for you.
You are not alone.
Brief Biography Excerpt:
“For an unimaginable ten years, Martin Pistorius would be completely conscious while trapped inside his unresponsive body, secretly aware of everything happening around him and utterly powerless to communicate it.
Ghost Boy is Martin’s story, as written shockingly and triumphantly, by Martin himself. With unflinching candor, Martin describes the chilling details of life as a secretly lucid vegetable, from the perversion of some who believed him to be brain dead, to the grace of those who sought recognition in his eyes.
For an age when prolonged illness and misdiagnosis are too common, Ghost Boy is the hopeful story of a discarded life awakening from passivity to action, despair to hope, captivity to freedom.”